What is Unattended Death?

What is Unattended Death?

When someone dies and his or her passing is undiscovered for a period of time, which may be days or even years, the death is referred to as an unattended death.

An unattended death is very often a traumatic experience for those who discover the death and those who learn that their loved one died alone. To relieve friends, family, and property owners of the difficult task of cleaning up the scene, we offer expert unattended death cleanup services provided with discretion and compassion.

The importance of using experienced professionals.

Calling on a professional death cleanup service not only spares you from having to do the task yourself, but it ensures that the potential health hazards on the scene are completely eliminated.

A decomposing body leaks fluids that release bacteria. Insects are attracted to this and, in turn, further the spread of any toxins that may be present and increase the highly offensive odor of decomposition. Over time, body tissue, blood, and other bodily fluids seep into floor coverings and the subfloor below, and into walls, drapes, and furniture, making thorough cleanup especially difficult and best left to professionals. It is the possibility of the presence of pathogens, however, that make professional death cleanup services absolutely essential, because these pathogens can live for days in just a single drop of bodily fluid. Pathogens can be inhaled, ingested, or absorbed via direct contact and pose a severe risk to anyone on the scene.

The more time that goes by before the death is discovered, the more hazardous the scene can become. A thorough biohazard cleanup and proper sanitation must be done to make the area safe again for humans and pets, and this requires experience in using established procedures and specialized chemicals.

Our unattended death cleanup services.

Our technicians have advanced training in handling death scene cleanup in accordance with strict EPA and OSHA guidelines, including the proper disposal of biohazardous materials. We use only hospital-grade disinfectants and the most effective methods to ensure that the risk of blood-borne pathogens such as HIV and Hepatitis B is eliminated. we clean, deodorize, and disinfect all surfaces, and dispose of any structural elements that may have been contaminated.

In addition to providing our unattended death cleanup services at the scene, we can work with you and your insurance company to assist in filing a claim. We also provide you with an estimate before we begin work.

When you need us, you will always reach a live operator, any time of day or night. Advanced Bio Treatment technicians are always ready to help return your residence, business, or other property to a clean, safe state.

Blood Cleanup In Atlanta, GA

Blood Cleanup In Atlanta, GA

Blood Cleanup: So I walk into this scene that does not look that bloody and gory as usual scenes do. However, it is behind the scenes, or under, that gets the most affected, goes unseen and sometimes not decontaminated properly. With this situation, I know it’s time to start ripping up the place! (Another fun perk of my job; we get to rip stuff up!).

What’s the hold up? I’m ready to slip on my suit and get to ripping up carpet, pulling the base boards up, scrubbing, blowing, spraying, whatever the scene may need. As I start ripping up the carpet, the foul smell really starts to linger.

Sometimes we discover small chips of bone or pieces of teeth as well. As you may know we are always fully covered and protected in our lovely suits, masks, and gloves. No need to worry about the spread of infectious disease with Advanced Bio Treatment; We have all the proper tools necessary to clean-up any dirty job.

Take a Look Behind and Under the Scene

So the truth behind and under the crime. As we ripped up the floor, the more we discovered. Tons more blood, of course, and the blood is thick and seeps through the pores of the wood. 

He walks up to the scene and can analyze what happened by the blood spatter. It truly is amazing what you can figure out from the picture of blood.

My crew managed to save the day! We rid the blood contamination, disinfected the area, kindly disposed of all the left over materials, and taped the area off to keep everyone and everything safe.

If you need scene cleanup and decontamination guidance, have questions about your payment options, which clean up and decon procedures your current insurance policy covers or require our scene cleanup services immediately, don’t hesitate to give Advanced Bio Treatment a call at: 800-295-1684.

We offer a referral fee of up to $500.

Senior Fall Leaves Bloody Trail

Blood Cleanup: Baltimore, MD

We were called in to the assisted living facility on the south side of Baltimore for a very unusual freak accident blood cleanup.

Jane D., age 89 suffered a mild heart attack earlier this morning. She had been dusting her furniture and suddenly the heart attack which caused her to fall.

When she fell she knocked her leg into her electric scooter which was parked in the living room of her 2 bedroom apartment that she shared with another lady who was out to lunch.

Apparently, part of her pant leg must have gotten caught in the electric scooter. Not only did she get cut when she fell she crawled on the floor screaming for help. She was dragging herself across the entire apartment and blood tracked wherever she went.

There was blood soaked in the carpet, on the tile and the grout. I’ve never really seen anything like it. It was quite awhile before anyone heard her.

Apparently she was trying to crawl to the cord that is used to alert help. She never reached it but one of the staff was notified by someone who had overheard her screaming and got help.

Thankfully, they were able to save her leg with no major damage although from the looks of the apartment she lost a lot of blood.
Blood cleanup scenes this bad are usually from a crime scene murder or suicide. Whew. Lots of cleanup here.

Blood cleanup must be done by professionally trained blood cleanup personnel in order to protect current and future inhabitants of a property as well as to ensure the safety of those cleaning blood scenes.

Blood cleanup involves the removal and cleaning or disposal of items that have been contaminated with body fluids, blood, or tissue matter, but does not stop there. Those trained in blood cleaning are adept at tracking down and remediating areas that have been contaminated – areas that the untrained eye would not see.

When a firearm is used, there is often as much bio-hazardous material that you cannot see as there is that is visible. For the safety of a blood cleanup technician, and of future inhabitants, it is most important that this bio-hazardous material be decontaminated as well.

Advanced Bio Treatment is the blood cleanup company that protects you and your family by doing the job with well-trained courteous employees. Whether the incident has occurred at your home, rental property or place of business, or industrial facility, you can trust our certified scene cleanup teams to do a thorough job while abiding by OSHA regulations.

If you are a family friend or relative, we can work with you as an agent so the family is saved the hardship. Or if you will not be there to shield your loved ones, we will gladly handle that for you as much as possible by handling the paperwork by fax if you prefer.

If you need blood clean-up guidance, have questions about your payment options, which crime scene clean up procedures your current insurance policy covers or require our blood cleanup services immediately, give Advanced Bio Treatment a call today.

We pay top to $500 for referrals! 800-295-1684