The increase of methamphetamine production and the covert and makeshift labs that create the addictive drug has spawned a veritable industry of meth lab cleaner companies throughout the United States seeking to obtain the cleanup work. Few of the fifty states have taken seriously the safe and thorough cleaning of these meth lab sites.  Despite that, many companies that previously engaged in crime scene cleaning, homicide scene cleaning, accident scene cleaning, suicide scene cleaning, death scene cleaning, blood scene cleaning and even staph infection scene cleaning have added meth lab cleaning to their gamut of services provided.

The tasks of a legitimate meth lab cleanup company are many. They include an inspection of the meth lab site, examination of law enforcement records regarding the removal of contaminates, and the creation of a plan to sample parts of the site. An analysis of the samples that are procured, the development of a work plan that must be approved by the applicable law enforcement and/or environmental authorities, the submission of a written plan detailing the meth lab cleanup must be included prior to cleanup. After executing the decontamination process and cleanup, a verification by sampling to be conducted by a third party after the meth lab cleaning and a fully comprehensive final report detailing the results and verification of the cleanup have to be filed.

These cleanup procedures can be required by state statutes and regulations, but should be undertaken regardless.  Meth lab clean ups require greater documentation production than the other work (crime scene cleanups, accident scene cleanups, homicide scene cleanups, suicide scene cleanups, odor removal cleanups and death scene cleanups not to mention staph infection scene cleanups) that these companies often perform. Until the epidemic of meth lab usage declines, it is likely that these companies will continue to have an important role in this law enforcement and environmental challenge.

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