We Provide Safe & Effective Methamphetamine Lab Removal

Methamphetamine Lab Cleanup

We are certified HAZWOPER and state of Tennessee certified for Methamphetamine Lab Cleaning. Methamphetamine or Meth production and its ingredients can cause severe lung and eye damage, chemical burns, and even death as well as the risk for fire or explosion.

Chemicals used to “cook” Meth and other methamphetamine lab photo compounds formed during the cooking process can contaminate not only a structure, but the plumbing, A/C and heat system, yard, well and septic.


Methamphetamine labs are very dangerous and can explode.

For methamphetamine lab decontamination, we deploy a three-step process to help protect you, your family, guests and tenants. The process takes 5 to 30 days. The first step requires a comprehensive site survey and work plan. The survey will consist of obtaining and evaluating law enforcement agency reports, both local and DEA, shipping manifests for the chemicals and cooking equipment removed from the site, cooking method used, determination of contamination in land, wells and septic systems, heat and a/c system type and design, structural contamination issues and necessary deconstruction areas and disposal areas in yard, just to name some of the information needed to create a work plan. After completing the site survey, a work plan and bid for the methamphetamine lab cleanup will be prepared for you.

Next, we will decontaminate the site to meet your state guidelines or the state of Tennessee’s should your state have no official regulatory guidance. This process generally takes one to ten days depending on the size and level of contamination of the site. We handle everything, A to Z, including disposal of hazardous materials that are associated with methamphetamine labs and will be produced for you.

Lastly, we have a certified Industrial Hygienist that will do post sampling to determine and certify that the methamphetamine lab site is now decontaminated to a level within regulatory specification. You will be provided with this certification so that you may remove your property from quarantine, sell it, move back in or re-rent it. It is important to note that we do not do the post sampling ourselves for obvious conflict of interest reasons. But we do hire a non-associated company to handle that for us / you.


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Remember, you can’t handle Methamphetamine Lab Cleaning on your own. The laundry list of poisonous chemicals used to manufacture methamphetamines cling to surfaces and linger in the air. Unprotected exposure can result in everything from headaches, dizziness and nausea to chemical burns, birth defects, blindness, respiratory ailments, liver damage, and even kidney failure.

From a heath perspective, a methamphetamine lab is simply one of the most dangerous places you could step into. Chemicals such as methanol, acetone and benzene can invade literally every porous surface – cabinets, furniture, carpet, drywall – and remain toxic indefinitely unless the environment is decontaminated. That’s right, a home or garage that’s been used as a methamphetamine lab can pose health risks to its tenants a decade after the lab has been improperly removed. You’ll need an experienced methamphetamine Lab cleanup and decontamination professional to ensure the procedure is done right the first time.

If you need scene cleanup and decontamination guidance, have questions about your payment options, which clean up and decontamination procedures your current insurance policy covers or require our scene cleanup services immediately, don’t hesitate to give Advanced Bio Treatment a call at: 866-574-0496 or e-mail us at info@advancedbio-treatment.com.

Should you be in one of the few states besides Tennessee that have certification requirements, Advanced Bio Treatment will acquire those certifications prior to any Methamphetamine (Meth) Lab Cleaning and Decontamination Services.