Homicide Cleanup Services in Wilmington, Delaware

The shock and emotional trauma of having a homicide occur at your home or business can be overwhelming. Our homicide cleanup experts in Wilmington are ready to relieve you of the additional burden of returning your property to a condition that’s clean and safe for occupants. Our experienced team of caring professionals has the training, licensing, and certifications needed to properly handle cleanup and decontamination at any type of homicide scene.

We hope you will never need our services, but if you do, a live operator is standing by 24/7/365 to take your call at 800-295-1684.

Our full range of homicide cleanup services is available around the clock.

Removing any visible signs that a homicide has occurred is just one small part of making your home or business safe once again. Unseen health threats that cannot be eradicated by normal household cleaning methods and products are often present, and must be handled by a skilled team.

Once law enforcement officers and other first responders have completed their processing of the scene, our work begins. Upon arrival, our homicide cleanup team will dispose of any items that may be contaminated with the biohazards that blood or other bodily fluids can contain. We also remove any materials or residue that’s left behind when a firearm has been discharged, as well as fingerprint dust or other substances used in law enforcement’s crime scene processing.

Advanced Bio Treatment’s teams include specialists in a wide range of accident, infectious disease, and crime scene cleanup scenarios. Depending upon your specific needs, we are ready to help with these services and more:

Residential homicide cleanup.

Our discreet residential cleanup technicians will safely and thoroughly clean and restore your home to a safe condition. We work quickly but effectively to eliminate all traces of the crime, while adhering to strict state and federal guidelines, as well as OSHA regulations.

Commercial and industrial homicide cleanup.

We understand the importance of completing our commercial crime scene cleanup work promptly in order to minimize the disruption to your business and protect your employees, customers, and other visitors from the dangers of biohazards.

Biohazard cleanup.

When blood or other bodily fluids are present on the scene, biohazards may be present as well. These include bloodborne pathogens that pose serious health threats, such as HIV, MRSA, Hepatitis B, and Hepatitis C. Our teams are highly trained in blood cleanup, including the removal of biohazardous materials and the proper disposal of these materials as required by law.

Unattended death cleanup.

If a homicide goes undiscovered for a length of time, our unattended death cleanup services may also be needed. As the natural decomposition process takes place, wider areas of the scene can be contaminated as the body’s tissues and fluids soak into flooring, carpet, furnishings, or other nearby items or materials. Our technicians will ensure that your home or business will be rid of disease-causing viruses and bacteria, thoroughly disinfected, and deodorized.

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Crime Scene Cleanup Services in Washington, D.C.

If a crime has occurred at your home, business, or other property, our Washington, D.C. crime scene cleanup technicians are ready to help. You can reach our experienced, professional teams any time of day or night, any day of the year, and your call will always be answered by a live operator.

Cleaning a crime scene is more than simply removing the visible signs that a crime has occurred: It also requires sanitizing and deodorizing the scene to ensure that the space is returned to a thoroughly safe condition for occupants. Unseen threats from biohazards must be identified and eliminated by professional crime scene cleanup technicians with the training, skills, and experience to properly assess the scene.

Why crime scenes can be unsafe.

When blood or other bodily fluids are left in the wake of a violent crime, the possibility that bloodborne pathogens are present cannot be dismissed. If a death has occurred and the scene was not attended to immediately, the hazards may be even greater. An unattended death in which a body has undergone the decomposition process frequently results in a wider area of contamination as tissue breaks down and bodily fluids flow into carpet, wallboard, furniture, and other nearby materials.

Biohazards that may be present can include MRSA, hepatitis, HIV, and other viruses and bacteria. The danger lies in making direct contact with such pathogens or inhaling airborne pathogens, which require specialized equipment, disinfectants, and methods to completely eliminate. We strictly adhere to OSHA and EPA regulations for proper crime scene cleanup, and use the most advanced techniques to return your property to a state that’s safe and healthy.

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Our compassionate and professional technicians understand how difficult it is for our clients to cope with a crime scene. We will work efficiently and discreetly to ensure that you can focus on taking care of your and your family’s needs instead of cleaning up.

We hope you never need us, but if you do, our expert teams are available to help you around the clock, every day of the year. When you call, you’ll speak with our live operator who will gather information to learn about your specific needs, then dispatch a crime scene cleanup team to your Washington, D.C. home or business.

Should you need additional services, we also offer accident and trauma cleanup, commercial cleanup, blood cleanup, and more.

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Blood Cleanup in Atlanta, GA

Blood Cleanup in Atlanta, GA

Blood Cleanup: So I walk into this scene that does not look that bloody and gory as usual scenes do. However, it is behind the scenes, or under, that gets the most affected, goes unseen and sometimes not decontaminated properly. With this situation, I know it’s time to start ripping up the place! (Another fun perk of my job; we get to rip stuff up!).

What’s the hold up? I’m ready to slip on my suit and get to ripping up carpet, pulling the base boards up, scrubbing, blowing, spraying, whatever the scene may need. As I start ripping up the carpet, the foul smell really starts to linger.

Sometimes we discover small chips of bone or pieces of teeth as well. As you may know we are always fully covered and protected in our lovely suits, masks, and gloves. No need to worry about the spread of infectious disease with Advanced Bio Treatment; We have all the proper tools necessary to clean-up any dirty job.

Take a Look Behind and Under the Scene

So the truth behind and under the crime. As we ripped up the floor, the more we discovered. Tons more blood, of course, and the blood is thick and seeps through the pores of the wood.

He walks up to the scene and can analyze what happened by the blood spatter. It truly is amazing what you can figure out from the picture of blood.

My crew managed to save the day! We rid the blood contamination, disinfected the area, kindly disposed of all the left over materials, and taped the area off to keep everyone and everything safe.

If you need scene cleanup and decontamination guidance, have questions about your payment options, which clean up and decon procedures your current insurance policy covers or require our scene cleanup services immediately, don’t hesitate to give Advanced Bio Treatment a call at: 800-295-1684.

We offer a referral fee of up to $500.