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Per the federal guidelines, Advanced Bio Treatment is part of the “Emergency Services Sector” within the Hazardous Materials category. This sector specifically identifies “workers who conduct a range of operations and services that are essential to critical infrastructure viability” including “workers who support hazardous materials response and cleanup.”

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Since 2003 we have offered the most professional, IICRC-certified technicians to carry out our bio-hazard cleanup service for those who have experienced the loss and trauma of death due to suicide, homicide, and workplace casualty. ABT's specialists are skilled leaders in the procedures necessary to return your home or business to a safe condition so that you can focus on moving forward.



When a deadly bacteria or pathogens, like COVID-19, enter and contaminate your environment, a thorough and professional decontamination is critical to prevent the spread of the virus to others. Professional decontamination of pathogens is what we do.


Restoring a biohazardous site to a pristine state does not stop with decontamination. Professional handling, containment, and removal of the biohazardous waste is just as important. Count on us to do the whole job, with the professionalism and excellence for which we are known.


Crime scenes almost always involve dangerous biohazards. Removing biohazards and then sanitizing the environment is what our trained crime scene cleaners do best. We follow OSHA regulations and guidelines when restoring a crime scene to make it safe and comfortable.


We understand the urgent needs of business owners who experience a work-site accident. We respond to emergencies and work every day of the year to minimize the downtime of your business by quickly restoring your business to a safe, clean environment, while following OSHA regulations.


Following an accident or traumatic event in your home, you have a long and stressful to-do list. Please check one of the most stressful items off that list by calling us to safely and professionally clean up and restore your home after a potentially biohazardous accident or trauma.


Cleaning up a meth lab is extremely dangerous and difficult. It is something you should never attempt alone. We are trained and experienced experts in meth-lab cleanup.

Who We Serve & How

Advanced Bio-Treatment’s trauma scene technicians provide services such as decontaminating communicable diseases, handling severe blood cleanup, biohazard waste disposal, and the bioremediation for families, employers, and communities. Traumatic events such as homicides and suicides, unattended deaths are unpredictable and troublesome; let us handle the difficult task of cleaning it up.

ABT firmly believes that our customers deserve the utmost consideration and care. For your privacy, every step of our process ensures your confidentiality. We will provide you with documentation of the entire operation in detailed reports for insurance and compliance purposes– just one less thing for you to worry about.

We are staffed with the most qualified bioremediation technicians that are readily prepared to assist you with your traumatic, life-changing experience. Advanced Bio-Treatment is dedicated to providing the quickest response in any emergency situation– our specialists are available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

We choose our employees for crime scene cleanup based upon their empathy, professionalism, attention to detail, commitment to privacy, and of course their compassion for the families and victims.



Industries We Serve

Advanced Bio-Treatment Commercial & Industrial Services

We proudly offer our biohazard and blood clean up services to property managers, commercial and industrial locations, as well as military and government agencies. We provide a fast response time from our local teams of cleanup technicians. We understand our clients are under a great deal of stress when they are in need of our services—the sooner our technicians can respond and arrive on the scene the better!

  • Residential
  • Property Managers
  • Commercial Properties
  • Industrial Companies
  • Military Locations
  • Government Agencies

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Professional Crime Scene Cleanup Team

The reasons for our success over the years and for our highly regarded reputation date back to our founder, Jerry Turner. After working with crime victims and trauma survivors as a police officer and an insurance agent, he saw a way to help them further. He started Advanced Bio-Treatment in order to specialize in crime scene and unattended death restoration. While the business’s beginnings were humble, serving the heart of the Atlanta, GA area, it became clear that the demand for such services spanned many states. The company quickly grew to accommodate those needs.

what our

Take a look at our testimonials and read what a few of our clients have had to say about Advanced Bio-Treatment

"Excellent and professional company – the operations manager got back to me immediately every time and they were at the site within days of initial contact. The workers were very hard working ABT worked through the rain and mosquitos and cleared out the nasty biocomp like champs. They were thorough and when something related to the insurance or administration was unknown they didn’t pretend to know the answer. No surprises financially – they went through everything."

- K. D. New Hampshire October 2018


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Choosing a bioremediation company is something most of us have never considered having to do, and attempting to choose the right one at an emotionally traumatic time can be a very difficult prospect.

At Advanced Bio-Treatment, our local, professional teams are on-call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to make sure we can get to you quickly and return the location to its original state, removing all traces or trauma, hoarding or other biological contaminates, so that you can focus on what matters, you and your family.

Does home owners insurance cover death cleanup?

"In many cases, the answer is yes. If you need assistance in filing an insurance claim, Advanced Bio-Treatment will be happy to work directly with your insurance company."

How bloodborne pathogens are spread?

"A person’s eyes, nose, mouth or cut skin must come into contact with blood in order to be at risk of acquiring a bloodborne pathogen. This can occur by directly handling blood without protective gloves, clothing or eyewear; being pricked with a contaminated hypodermic needle, or having protective gear be pierced by a sharp object. You cannot determine whether a person has become infected with a bloodborne disease simply by looking, so it’s critical to take all precautions possible when blood is present on a scene."

What are examples of bloodborne pathogens?

There are many bloodborne pathogens, which are microorganisms that can be transmitted through the bloodstream. Common examples of bloodborne pathogens that may be present at a crime, death or accident scene include:

  • The hepatitis B Virus (HBV), the most common form of the disease
  • The Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV), which can lead to Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS)
  • The hepatitis C Virus (HCV)

In addition to bloodborne pathogens, other infectious diseases that are not classified as bloodborne may also be present at the scene, such as Methicillin-Resistant Staph Aureus (MRSA), Hepatitis A, C diff, and tuberculosis.

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We are Advanced Bio-Treatment and we care about the communities we serve. We want to help you protect yourself and those you love. Should you need our services, please call us at 800-295-1684. We give free quotes, provide emergency services, work with your insurance company, and respond 24/7/365.

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For over 15 years, Advanced Bio-Treatment has set the highest standards for biohazard response and remediation.

We are here for you after you have experienced a traumatic event. In order to really deliver services that help you in times of need, we stay up to date in our various professional certifications. Through OSHA, IICRC, API, HAZWOPER, AMDECON, API WorkSafe and your state of residence, we meet the strictest standards in our industry.