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Chances are, you have experienced some sort of trauma– we are here to help. Advanced Bio Treatment (ABT) provides an unparalleled level of biohazard cleanup services performed by the most professional, compassionate crime scene cleaners in the nation.

Since 2003 we have offered the most professional, IICRC certified technicians to carry out our biohazard cleanup services for those who have experienced the loss and trauma of a death due to suicide, homicide and workplace casualty. ABT’s specialists are skilled leaders in the procedures necessary to return your home or business to its original state so that you can focus on moving forward.

Advanced Bio Treatment’s trauma scene technicians provide services like decontaminating communicable diseases, handling severe blood cleanup, biohazard waste disposal, and the bioremediation of a vast variety of situations. These life-changing events are unpredictable and troublesome; let us handle the difficult task of cleaning it up.

ABT firmly believes that our customers deserve the utmost consideration and care. For your privacy, every step of our process ensures your confidentiality. We will provide you with documentation of the entire operation in detailed reports for insurance and compliance purposes– just one less thing for you to worry about.

Our company provides biohazard cleanup services conveniently located in 25 states throughout the country. We are staffed with the most qualified bioremediation technicians that are readily prepared to assist you with your traumatic, life-changing experience. Advanced Bio Treatment is dedicated to providing the quickest response in any emergency situation– our specialists are available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

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Our Services

For your safety and the safety of others, it is critically important to have a crime or death scene cleaned by official crime scene cleaners and professionally trained experts. That’s what we are. Since 2001, Advanced Bio Treatment has provided crime scene cleanup and biohazard remediation services for your community.

Infectious Disease Cleanup

When a deadly biohazard like MRSA bacteria enter and contaminate your environment, a thorough and professional decontamination is critical to prevent the spread of the bacteria to others. Professional decontamination of lethal bacteria is what we do.

Biohazard Cleanup

Restoring a biohazardous site to a pristine state does not stop with decontamination. Professional handling, containment, and removal of the biohazardous waste is just as important. Count on us to do the whole job, with the professionalism and excellence for which we are known.

Crime Scene Cleanup

Crime scenes almost always involve dangerous biohazards. Removing biohazards and then sanitizing the environment is what our trained crime scene cleaners do best. We follow all federal and state guidelines in restoring a crime scene to make it safe and comfortable.

Unattended Death / Suicide Cleanup

No one should have to endure the emotional trauma and personal-safety risks of attempting to clean the area in which a suicide or unattended death took place. Count on us to lift that burden from you and restore the environment to a safe and comfortable state.

Accident & Trauma Cleanup

Following an accident or traumatic event, you have a long and stressful to-do list. Please check one of the most stressful items off that list by calling us to safely and professionally clean and restore the potentially biohazardous accident or trauma scene.

Commercial Cleanup

We understand the urgent needs of business owners who experience a work-site accident. We respond to emergencies and work every day of the year to minimize the downtime of your business by restoring your business to a safe, clean environment, as quickly as possible.

Residential Cleanup

Following an accident or traumatic event in your home, you have a long and stressful to-do list. Please check one of the most stressful items off that list by calling us to safely and professionally clean up and restore your home after a potentially biohazardous accident or trauma.

Drug Cleanup

Cleaning up a meth lab is extremely dangerous and difficult. It is something you should never attempt alone. We are trained and experienced experts in meth-lab cleanup.

Crime Scene Cleanup FAQ’s

Who is responsible for cleaning up a crime scene?

Q: Who is responsible for paying crime scene cleanup costs?

It’s a common misconception that when a violent crime or other event that leaves blood behind has taken place, law enforcement or other first responders will clean it up. The truth is that ordinary citizens are responsible for crime scene cleanup. In most cases, homeowners, business owners or business managers must see to clean up, which may involve blood, body tissues, fingerprint dust, teargas and more.

What do crime scene cleaners do?

In short, crime scene cleaners decontaminate the scene where a crime has occurred and left potentially hazardous or dangerous materials behind. Crime scene technicians are specialists, and the technicians that work for reputable crime scene cleanup companies have been thoroughly trained in the safe and proper handling of dangerous materials. At Advanced Bio-Treatment, our crime scene cleaners are available 24/7/365 to respond to a wide range of our clients’ needs for our services, including biohazard removal involving violent crimes such as homicides, unattended deaths, suicides, and other traumatic events.

What is a biohazard?

A biohazard is a biological material, particularly microorganisms, that may be a threat to health. There are many potentially biohazardous materials on a crime, death or accident scene, including human or animal blood, human or animal waste, hypodermic needles, and body fluids. Depending upon the particular biohazard present on the scene, the dangers may include exposure to severe, life-threatening or fatal diseases.

What is the proper way to clean up blood?

Q: What is the proper way to clean up blood?

Several steps must be taken to ensure that blood cleanup is effective and that the contaminated area is safe for re-occupancy. These steps include:

  • Wearing gear that protects eyes and skin
  • Cleaning the area of any sharp objects that could pierce protective gear
  • Soaking up the blood with cloth towels, which should be put into a labeled biohazard container
  • Ventilating the space
  • Soaking the affected area with a registered disinfectant
  • Wiping again with cloth towels, which should also be safely discarded
  • Disposing of protective gear in a sealed bag and labeling it as biohazardous material

Can I clean up a crime scene or biohazards myself?

Cleaning up after a homicide or other violent crime or death is not a task for the untrained person. A professional crime scene or blood cleanup team not only has the proper equipment, protective gear, and disinfectants that are not available to the general public—it also has the experience to detect potentially hazardous materials that can’t be readily seen by the naked eye. At Advanced Bio-Treatment, our technicians are skilled in forensic cleaning, disinfecting, removing blood and body tissue, and locating potential contamination in the surrounding furnishings, structural elements, and more.

Can a company that cleans up fire or water damage also clean up blood?

There are some companies that are better known for carpet cleaning and repairing water and fire damage that also list crime scene cleanup or blood cleanup among their services. The critical issue, however, is whether those companies’ cleanup crews are knowledgeable about OSHA regulations and other federal and state guidelines. Any company you’re considering should have certified technicians who have undergone extensive training in handling bloodborne and airborne pathogens.

What credentials should I check for when hiring a crime scene cleanup company?

For your peace of mind, it’s important to verify that the crime scene cleaning team that comes into your home or on to your company’s property is properly insured. Before selecting a crime scene cleanup company, you should also make sure that the company you choose carries a Pollution Liability policy as added protection for you.

In addition to carrying proper insurance, there are many certifications available for crime scene cleanup companies to obtain to ensure their technicians have proper training, while also following proper guidelines and best practices.

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Community Partners

ABT & K-9s For Warriors

Advanced Bio-Treatment partners up with K-9s For Warriors in their mission to empower veterans in their return to civilian life by providing service dogs to those suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), traumatic brain injury, and other trauma as a result of military service post 9/11.

ABT & Ronald McDonald House

Advanced Bio-Treatment values its relationships in the communities it serves and in effort to give back, ABT is partnering with Ronald McDonald House (RHMC) in a joint mission to address the problems and lessen the emotional stress that families experience while helping their children fight illnesses.

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I just wanted to reach out and thank you and your team for the amazing job you guys did. Your team was kind, professional and discreet, and I was genuinely amazed by the results. This has taken an enormous pressure off me. I intend to recommend you should anything like this happen to friends, colleagues or relatives in the future.
Patrick T.
From Atlanta, GA
We wanted to let you know that everyone involved was very impressed with the professionalism and knowledge of your crew at Advanced Bio Treatment. The family’s attorney was on hand first thing Saturday morning and she was especially appreciative of them. Thanks again.

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