Biohazards of Meth Lab

The health effects from exposure to the contaminants caused by meth labs (or methamphetamine laboratories) include dizziness, nausea, headaches, respiratory problems and irritation to the skins and eyes. That is why, after the police or DEA remove the equipment used to “cook” methamphetamines, it is extremely important to conduct a thorough cleaning to fully sanitize and decontaminate the venue of any and all such labs.

Because of the rampant spreading of these labs throughout the nation practically every state now requires companies that perform meth lab cleanings to obtain certification. The EPA is still composing lists of hazardous chemicals that different meth labs produce. Because of the “bootleg” nature of these meth lab kitchens, producers use and therefore, emit different chemicals during the production process. It is widely and fervently recommended that someone needing to clean up such a site only utilize a professional and certified meth lab clean up company. Not only would you be risking the possibility that your property insurance carrier would not cover you if you used a company that was not duly certified but you could also get ripped off.

Frequently the certified meth lab cleaner companies also have experience in murder scene cleaning, crime scene cleaning, homicide scene cleaning, suicide scene cleaning, blood scene cleaning, staph infection cleaning, mrsa infection cleaning and bio hazard cleaning; hence they possess the requisite expertise to locate and exterminate a variety of toxic agents. These companies need to scrutinize not only the surfaces and obvious places in a meth lab setting but also hidden areas and areas behind walls and below floors. Only then can the health risks and financial issues of contamination be fully eliminated.

The Advanced Bio Treatment Experience

Advanced Bio Treatment (ABT) provides the specialized know how to handle any situation.

Our services include:

  • Blood scene cleaning
  • Crime scene cleaning
  • Homicide scene cleaning
  • Suicide scene cleaning
  • Meth lab cleaning
  • Biohazard cleaning

ABT brings deep experience and expertise to bear in addressing the situation in which an accident cleanup and especially biohazard cleanup.

The task of accident scene cleaning naturally requires knowledge of complying with a myriad of regulations pertaining to EPA standards, OSHA standards, law enforcement practices and other laws.

As a professional crime scene and accident scene cleanup company that has such a strong track record in performing blood scene cleanings, ABT knows what kinds of questions to ask and what kinds of solutions to use to preserve a crime scene and sanitize the site of an accident cleanup or blood scene cleanup, murder scene cleanup, suicide scene cleanup, odor cleanup and especially biohazard cleanup.

When confronted with the serious environmental and safety task of making sure that an accident scene is handled correctly the best response is to talk to ABT.

Their professional staff will make sure that the cleanup is done in a fashion that not only takes care of those considerations but also protects you from any liability issues in the future.

If you need a crime scene cleanup company ABT is the right choice.

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A Cleanup Company, Vital Part Of Law Enforcement

Accident scene cleaning has become vital

Law enforcement organizations need someone to respond quickly to traffic accidents.  As more and more people have moved to large metropolitan areas that are generally served by multi-lane interstate highways, the number of traffic accidents has risen markedly.

Also because of the severe impediment that these accidents constitute to all the other motorists who are trying to get to work, get kids to or from school or make their appointments, the premium for quick accident scene cleanup is significant.

Several accident scene cleanup companies, many of whom also perform blood scene cleanup, murder scene cleanup, suicide scene cleanup, biohazard cleanup and meth lab cleanup should be brought to the scene to work with the police in clearing out the roadways expeditiously, carefully and thoroughly.

It is vital that the police utilize a professional accident scene cleanup company for these jobs.

A company with blood scene cleaning capabilities is preferable if an accident involves the loss of blood. An accident scene cleaning company can remove all debris, scour the accident scene of any blood or dangerous chemicals and can verify the site is ready for renewed highway travel.

Every time there is an accident on a highway artery in a major American city the lives of countless people are not only inconvenienced but also many people who rely on making business appointments can lose the opportunity to make money.

Cities that maintain accident scene cleanup companies on call or on retainer can minimize the problem for their citizens and others who rely on these highways.  As most of these accident scene cleanup companies also specialize in blood scene cleanup, murder scene cleanup, suicide scene cleanup, bio hazard cleanup and meth lab cleanup, these companies can play a vital role in keeping a busy city rolling right along.

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