Crime Scene Cleanup — TV vs Reality

Crime scene cleaner companies may not fulfill their duties with the kind of technology seen on CSI- Miami or with a cast of such glamorous stars frequently issuing witty lines to describe their investigation, but they do rely on the latest or most advanced cleaning products and they do have to utilize some technology to achieve their goals. Crime scene cleaner companies will often conduct suicide scene clean ups, accident scene clean ups, meth lab clean ups, odor removal clean ups and other death scene clean ups in addition to blood scene clean ups. In each of these an expertise related to identifying and removing certain chemical hazards is required. Also the further task of decontamination is necessary to complete the job.

This means the best types of products must be used as solvents and cleaning agents. A comprehension of a building’s infrastructure is often necessary as well. Certain monitoring devices have to be wielded to detect the spread of infectious diseases when it comes to mrsa blood infection clean ups or staph infection clean ups, another part of the crime scene cleaner companies’ repertoire.

Now every once in a while a member of the crime scene cleaner companies’ staff will have the opportunity to discover a certain fact or piece of evidence that a detective on the case may find useful or even vital to a particular criminal case. As this doesn’t happen very often, and as that is just a subsidiary product of their job, we don’t expect the networks to pitch a new pilot TV show that puts crime scene cleaner companies at the center. But we do expect that as time passes these companies will continue to rely on the latest materials and machinery to get the job done.