Blood Cleanup Required When Wife Caught Cheating

The young husband was psyched. His business meeting had ended so early he was able to fly back home on an earlier flight. He decided that, instead of telling his wife, he would pick up some flowers on the way home and surprise her. He was in a great mood having closed the deal that would make him the highest performing salesman in his company. All was good.

As he drove up to his house he noticed another car in the driveway. He wondered who might be over there but it was not of much concern. He entered his house by the front door and was surprised that his wife was not downstairs. He took his luggage up the stairs to his bedroom and sauntered in. From that point on, his life would never be the same.

Another man was on top of his wife buck naked having sex. He was shocked. He could not believe it. It took a few moments for the reality of what he was seeing to kick in. Then he yelled “What the hell is going on here?”at which point his wife pushed the guy off of him and looked at him speechless. He ripped the shade off the closest lamp and swung it at the guy, its light bulb cutting the man. His newlywed wife asked him to stop and calm down. But he lost his composure and picked up a wrought iron magazine rack and hit the guy in the side of the head cutting him badly.

Then he jumped on top of the injured cuckold and started slugging him. He found some scissors on the night table and started stabbing the guy at which point his wife tackled him forcing him to fall away. The cheating man’s face was shredded to pieces so the wife called 911 to get an ambulance. He lived for a few hours but had lost so much blood that he expired by the time the EMS personnel got him to the hospital.

The police came to the house to process the scene and called in a trauma scene cleaner to clean up the bedroom. Blood was everywhere. The trauma scene clean up company which also performed accident scene clean ups, blood scene clean ups, murder scene clean ups, death scene clean ups, suicide scene clean ups, odor clean ups and even bio hazard clean ups came promptly and thoroughly cleaned up the mess the altercation had caused. While the physical environment of the home was restored, the condition of the marriage was irrevocably altered and the man’s legal status was in jeopardy as the local District Attorney had to decide what, if any, homicide charges should be brought.

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Crime Scene Clean up Companies An Asset To Local Police

Many law enforcement agencies must stretch their personnel’s time with the numerous tasks that are required. A well-staffed homicide division must include enough detectives to be able to lead the number of investigations estimated for a given period of time within a jurisdiction. They must have sufficient officers to apprehend subjects, question witnesses, respond to numerous calls, process a crime scene as well as a myriad of other important tasks.

One of the jobs they frequently do not have a satisfactory amount of time for is to clean up a crime scene after the crime scene is fully processed. Accordingly, the wise course of action is to retain a private crime scene clean up company to handle these tasks of accident scene cleanups, trauma scene cleanups, homicide scene cleanups, suicide scene cleanups, meth lab cleanups, odor removal cleanups and death scene cleanups. This not only alleviates a set of tasks that a typical local police department lacks time to address but also serves a health and environmental purpose.

The question then may be asked why a city or county would not have their own custodial or environmental cleaning crew handle such a task. The answer is simple: most cities and counties have limited health and environmental departments. The number of employees it takes to give health code ratings to restaurants and other businesses is usually enough to fill a staff. The number of people needed just to monitor health and safety standards is so great that most city or county budgets lack the size to include crime scene cleaning.

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