Love In New York

Crimes of the Heart

Sadly, this Valentine Day celebration did not go as planned. The newly divorced mother of two teens was excited about her new boyfriend according to her neighbors in the nearby apartment. They were saddened and shocked; they came by several times during the cleanup job offering us cold drinks. New York is a nice place to live if you enjoy the city and the outskirts are beautiful. Apparently, not everyone is as nice as the state is.

The boyfriend must have been spying on Ms. Doe during the courtship. They also said she had told them about a couple of emails, texts, and such that were making her uncomfortable. She was not uncomfortable enough to refuse to go out with him for Valentine’s Day.

Looks like he brought her roses which were still in the plastic covering. She intended to put them in a vase filled with water when she got home that night. The information we come by is not hard core evidence proving guilt beyond a shadow of a doubt. That is not our job. We simply are telling the story behind the pictures. It’s sad and shameful.

We Don’t Know What Set Him Off enough

Why did he stab her and shoot himself? That sure is a sign of a troubled mind, one that is not thinking about loving and caring for someone, right? He stabbed her numerous times on the bed, most of the blood leaked to the floor and covered a safe and a bucket. He stabbed continuously to which he actually cut and extracted her insides. Then to top it off, after realizing what a dumb a** he is, he shot himself with a 9mm right in the temple. Thanks guy, now everything and everyone is a mess because you cannot control yourself.

I feel for her kids. They aren’t old enough to be considered to take care of themselves at age 14 and 16. That’s a rough time in life to lose your momma. She must not have known this creep very well or for very long. Either that or he pulled the wool right over her eyes. Scary to think how anyone can be so deceitful.

Nonetheless, the job has to be done. Blood cleanup can be difficult especially when the situation involves so much blood between the stabbing and shooting. Why he chose this method of killing is anyone’s guess.

Blood cleanup must be done by professionally trained blood cleanup personnel in order to protect current and future inhabitants of a property as well as to ensure the safety of those cleaning blood scenes.

Blood cleanup involves the removal and cleaning or disposal of items that have been contaminated with body fluids, blood, or tissue matter, but does not stop there. Those trained in blood cleaning are adept at tracking down and remediating areas that have been contaminated – areas that the untrained eye would not see. When a firearm is used, there is often as much biohazardous material that you cannot see as there is that is visible. For the safety of a blood cleanup technician, and of future inhabitants, it is most important that this biohazardous material be decontaminated as well.

Advanced Bio Treatment is the blood cleanup company that protects you and your family by doing the job with well-trained courteous employees. Whether the incident has occurred at your home, rental property or place of business, or industrial facility, you can trust our certified scene cleanup teams to do a thorough job while abiding by OSHA regulations. If you are a family friend or relative, we can work with you as an agent so the family is saved the hardship. Or if you will not be there to shield your loved ones, we will gladly handle that for you as much as possible by handling the paperwork by fax if you prefer.

If you need blood clean-up guidance, have questions about your payment options, which crime scene clean up procedures your current insurance policy covers or require our blood cleanup services immediately, give Advanced Bio Treatment a call at:800-295-1684.

ABT offers a referral fee of up to $500


Another Bloody Nightmare In KY

Every Picture Tells A Story

I thought long and hard about what I learned in training from ABT. This job isn’t for everyone. This job is going to have good days when its easy and bad days when you won’t like it.

Wow, how true that has proven to be. I would have to say ninety five percent of the time I can go in and do my work and leave. There are other times when I have to really reflect and meditate to deal with it.

We’re only human but the job requires us to deal with situations daily that most people never encounter in their lives.

I had some experience as an EMT, handling hazardous materials, and even went to fire school at one time. I have dabbled in this field as my wife and I moved several times when she was in the Air Force. We considered a lot of options and finally landed on this opportunity. Jerry Turner is great to work for and with. I say that because he isn’t above getting involved in a cleanup.

You may or may not know this but he has a diverse background before starting ABT. He is very familiar with the first responders, having been a law enforcement officer himself. He is also experienced with the legalities and the red tape of the insurance industry and more! You can learn more about this on our Advanced Bio Treatment website.

Advanced Bio Treatment Is The Leader Crime And Hazardous Scene Cleanup Business

Why, you ask? Because we hand pick team members for their attention to the smallest details, their empathy, and their deep-seated belief in helping others in need. We train constantly so our teams are always up to date on the latest cleanup techniques and technology. We adhere to the highest standards set by government, industry, ourselves, and most importantly our clients.

We have a little phrase we use “we hope you never need our services” because if you are experiencing a suicide, a double homicide, murder or a robbery, the situations are not easy to deal with and we understand that. We know you are in pain and suffering beyond belief in these horrendous situations.

Remember, we are here to help.crime-scene-cleanup-kentucky

Our 24/7 team of professionals are on call, ready to go where needed. This type of work means personal time can be interrupted. Being on call can be difficult as is any profession where emergencies are handled. Keep that in mind as you never know in this life.
If you need blood clean-up guidance, have questions about your payment options, which crime scene clean up procedures your current insurance policy covers or require our blood cleanup services immediately, give Advanced Bio Treatment a call at:800-295-1684.

ABT offers a referral fee of up to $500

Just Another Sad Song In Georgia

Georgia On My Mind

This is not just “an old sweet song” or memory of “Georgia on my mind,” wish it was. Wish I could say I walked in here, cleaned up the mess and never gave it another thought. Wish I could say I had “peaceful dreams I see” of “just an old sweet song” of Georgia on my mind.

Unfortunately, I had a couple sleeplessness nights over this scene. Thankfully for myself and the team insomnia isn’t always the case or there is no way in hell we would be able to keep on doing this work day after day.

When people in the prime of their life are snuffed out of existence for no apparent reason that is troubling in and of itself. When they were abused, beaten and sexually assaulted that is major, demoralizing and horrific criminal activity. And, when it involves a helpless individual who has no defense capability, I hope justice gets served appropriately.

Honestly, that is all I want to say about this particular scene, it is just that demonic. Take the abuse and sexual assault mentioned above with the pictures that have been illustrated and I think you will have seen enough too.

We Are On Call 24/7ABT cleans up homicide in Georgia

Yes we are, that means we have to stay strong and on our toes. We can’t afford to get down about anything so we have to eat our Cheerios and drink our Naked Juice to keep our strength up. For those of us who believe in a higher power we may have to say a lot of prayers to cope with things.

That’s probably another reason why this job isn’t for everyone. Folks sometimes think this job is “cool.” Some days it is. Some days it is not.

We take some criticism from folks who don’t want to see the pictures or hear the stories because sometimes they are gruesome!! Hey, here’s what I say, there’s a delete button on your computer and you don’t have to read it, like it or whatever.

Just remember, we are doing a job with a high demand and that is a necessity in today’s world . We are confident in our abilities, morals and professionalism and we are not going to quit or give up because of opinions. Most of us know that opinions are “like assholes,”  as the saying goes, everybody has one!

Most of us are good folks who are professionals doing a difficult job. We are here to help in your time of need because the last thing you need in a situation like the one above is to have to concern yourself with the cleanup.

Advanced Bio Treatment professionals hope you and yours are able to live out your days with total peace.

ABT offers up to $500 for referrals, because we know there are things that happen regardless of how we might want them to be.

If you need blood clean-up guidance, have questions about your payment options, which crime scene clean up procedures your current insurance policy covers or require our blood cleanup services immediately, give Advanced Bio Treatment a call at:800-295-1684.