Long Island Murder Suicide

Long Island Murder Suicide

No one seems to know what happened the night John D. shot his wife and then himself but several people that stopped by while we were cleaning made comments about how they knew something was wrong but never knew it was this bad.

Apparently John D. was a schizophrenic and had been in and out of the hospital for the past couple of years. Of course this would make for a difficult circumstance for his wife and anyone else that had a relationship with him.

Of course people speculate on situations like this one and offer up their opinions whether anyone asks for it or not. Its really a sad story when you think what might have been.

The couple was in their late twenties, had been married about 7 years and hoped someday to start a family. That dream is gone, never to be. I don’t even know them and that makes me sad.

We have a job to do no matter how difficult it can be we still maintain our professionalism and ethics to try to assist family and friends through these horrible times. It sure is tough to know what to say sometimes.

One thing for sure we have a better appreciation of life when we see death all the time. We hope that you never need to use our services. If you do ever find yourself in a situation where you need professional guidance and assistance with a cleanup please call us and don’t attempt to take care of it on your own.

To ensure proper decontamination of the scene, an experienced scene clean up service should be employed. Human feces, urine, and blood cleanup pose a significant risk to human health. Advanced Bio Treatment is well trained in EPA and OSHA regulations for biohazard cleaning.

Advanced Bio Treatment has experience in the decontamination and remediation of crime scenes, accident scenes, suicides and other unattended deaths. We will work with your insurance company to ensure that our biohazard cleanup services meets both your standards and theirs.

Our 24/7 Cleanup Service Areas Include:
Florida, Georgia, Washington DC, New York , Kentucky and other crime scene states

If you need scene cleanup and decontamination guidance, have questions about your payment options, which clean up and decon procedures your current insurance policy covers or require our scene cleanup services immediately, don’t hesitate to give Advanced Bio Treatment a call at:800-295-1684.

ABT offers a referral of up to $500.


That’s Nasty!

Extra Nasty

What could be worse than a hoarder who saves every paperclip, piece of paper or any junk that might be saved for some future yet unknown use?

This one was worse than normal because there was blood in the house also, and no solid explanation as to why! This job was extra nasty! There was matted hair, dust balls, maggots and flies in several rooms of the house. Some rooms had fecal matter over the floors and it was hard to distinguish if it were human or animal waste. The smell was worse than putrid.

Hoarding is a big problem, if it weren’t there wouldn’t be a reality television show about it. Did you know there were that many hoarders out there? I sure didn’t.

The cleanup jobs for hoarders is pretty major work. We could easily spend a couple of days hauling out boxes of junk and bags of garbage. Let alone the disinfecting, treating the horrific smell and trying to find the walls in the room. The place is so full of junk I could be buried alive in garbage if I knock into anything.

ABT offers up to $500 for referral.

Hoarding is such a big deal we have special pricing for it.

Simple – Open – Flat Rate Pricing

Jobs can usually be scheduled within 24-48 hours. Emailing ABT photos will allow us to estimate the number of techs and dumpsters.

Small Jobs (Studio Apartments/1 Bedroom Apartments or Condos)

$1000/per day/per technician (two techs may be required to move heavy objects / furniture)
Additional expenses will be added such as dumpster / truck / dump fees/ garbage bags – plus 21%
Includes Carpet Removal and/or cleaning / disinfecting

Larger Jobs (Homes/condos 2 or more bedrooms)

$4000/per day includes 4 technicians and 1 dumpster up to 40 CY if available in your area

Additional dumpster = cost + 21%
Includes carpet removal and/or cleaning / disinfecting
Additional Services

Clean and disinfect visible surfaces in the home after hoarding cleanout. Labor included in above rates but additional cleaning supply charge of $300 per day will apply.
Should non-carpet floor coverings and sub flooring need removal, additional charges would apply. Should biomaterial be discovered disposal fees are $191 per bio box.
Our 24/7 Cleanup Service Areas Include:
Florida, Georgia, Washington DC, New York , Kentucky and other crime scene states.

Don’t hesitate to give Advanced Bio Treatment a call at: 800-295-1684 or e-mail us at info@advancedbio-treatment.com.

Gas-Tro Trouble in Memphis

Gas-Tro Trouble in Memphis

Okay, I don’t mind telling you there has been more than one time I have been completely grossed out on this job. This one would be in the top 10 worst cleanup jobs of all time.

This 71 year old man was found dead in the restroom after suffering an explosion in his rectum that resulted in blood and bowel matter all over the bathroom.

This explosion was horrible and the stench was so strong it about knocked me over. The man had been lying in it for a few days so the odors were overwhelming.

Of all the ways a person could die I think this is not only gross it is sort of humiliating. I have read of people being so full of gas that when they were cut open in the operating room the gas was flammable and caused fire in the operating room. I can’t prove that is true but I can only imagine how bad it could be.

Blood cleanup must be done by professionally trained blood cleanup personnel in order to protect current and future inhabitants of a property as well as to ensure the safety of those cleaning blood scenes.

Blood cleanup involves the removal and cleaning or disposal of items that have been contaminated with body fluids, blood, or tissue matter, but does not stop there. Those trained in blood cleaning are adept at tracking down and remediating areas that have been contaminated – areas that the untrained eye would not see. When a firearm is used, there is often as much biohazardous material that you cannot see as there is that is visible. For the safety of a blood cleanup technician, and of future inhabitants, it is most important that this biohazardous material be decontaminated as well.

Advanced Bio Treatment is the blood cleanup company that protects you and your family by doing the job with well-trained courteous employees. Whether the incident has occurred at your home, rental property or place of business, or industrial facility, you can trust our certified scene cleanup teams to do a thorough job while abiding by OSHA regulations. If you are a family friend or relative, we can work with you as an agent so the family is saved the hardship. Or if you will not be there to shield your loved ones, we will gladly handle that for you as much as possible by handling the paperwork by fax if you prefer.

If you need blood clean-up guidance, have questions about your payment options, which crime scene clean up procedures your current insurance policy covers or require our blood cleanup services immediately, give Advanced Bio Treatment a call at:800-295-1684.