Dismembered Murder Cleanup In San Jose

A local butcher pretty much lost his mind. He thought he had been sly for a little while until he was caught by one of his fellow employees. He then confessed his devious acts to the police when they came questioning him.

He admitted to them that his murder spree was only an accident, but from what they discovered it was pretty clear that nothing was an accident here.

The police arrived on scene at his place of employment in San Jose, California. He was a local butcher at a grocery store, and had been working there for quite some time.  He was respected and always a hard worker is what all his fellow employees said about him.

Something must have snapped in this old man head because he confessed that in the late evening one night he came back to work to murder his wife in a very disturbing and vicious form. Apparently the butcher had caught his wife with his friend and didn’t tell her he saw the whole act.  Instead he decided to take out revenge in the worst possible way.

The police had said when they arrived to the local store that the crime scene had already been attempted to clean up.

Well, he didn’t clean his mess up accordingly because the fellow employee had found a human hand lying underneath a sink and blood splatter on the cabinets and ceiling in some areas. The police were able to get the butcher to admit to what he had done. He told the police that he brought his wife to the shop and dismembered her body just as if he would have to fresh meat that came into his shipment stock.

He completely dismembered her body parts and put them all in the freezer.  He did a pretty sloppy job by accidentally leaving her hand lying on the ground.  The fellow employee was completely terrified of this man because he acted like he didn’t do anything wrong even as he was confessing his crime.

Once the police and the coroner came in and finished their jobs, we came in to clean up the disaster of a crime scene.

We made sure to bring all our disinfectants and equipment specifically designed to clean up blood and any type of biohazard warnings. We saw the blood splatters and made sure to clean up the entire place to its form before the crime was committed. We only use professional tools and make sure to get the job done correctly the first time.

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Cleanup Of A Drunken Murder In San Jose, CA

We all get angry sometimes that’s given but this man just completely lost his mind. In Utah a man was drinking heavily and just growing even angrier at his girlfriend.

Apparently she was attempting to leave the residence in the heat of the argument and he just would not allow that. He put a padlock on her and basically told her she wasn’t going anywhere until he was done.

He had called the police on himself and confessed to his dirty vicious crime three days after this woman had been dead in their home. The women had been stabbed over 50 times all throughout the home. It started by the front door and escalated to the bathroom where he had decided to scalp her in the bathroom. Not only was there a tremendous amount of blood all over the entire home but there was also hair. It was a very disturbing scene. Just knowing what she had endured gave us a very unsettling feeling.

The man’s conscious must have been speaking to him after what he had done. He was the person to call and make the entire confession himself. Detail by detail.

Apparently the girlfriend was trying to break up with this psychopath but he just wasn’t going to allow that to happen.

We received the call three days after the crime had been confessed while the blood and hair started to dry.  This was a huge disaster that needed to be cleaned up immediately. Once we were fully educated with what exactly we were getting ourselves into, we then were able to prepare for what equipment we would bring with us.

We arrived to do the job and once we got inside the home the scene was quite gory. Blood was all over the front door and tile floor.

The carpets were completely splattered and the ceilings were covered from the hallway to the entrance to the bathroom. Most of the hair was in the bathroom tub but some hair was left outside the hallway. The bathroom was so stained with blood you couldn’t even see the floor. It was very disgusting.

Cleaning up blood and body fluids is to only been done by trained professionals, being hazardous to health, it’s so important you don’t attempt to do anything like that on your own. That’s why we are here.

We will clean your home from all of the horrible mess left by a crime. We will help to restore your peace of mind and respect the emotions involved in a situation like this.

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Meth Lab Murder Takedown In Oakland

It was an early morning in Oakland, CA when the police call came in. A woman said she had heard a loud explosive sound coming from the next street over in her neighborhood.

The neighborhood wasn’t the best place to live at in this area and was known for drug activity. The police had an idea of what might be going on. They loaded up and got over to the scene as quickly as they could.

When the police arrived they made contact with the home in question and what happened next was unbelievable. The police could smell chemicals in the air just outside the garage. They made various attempts to get someone to open the door. A man finally opened the front door and was acting very suspicious. The police questioned him and asked to come inside. He was very hesitant and unwilling to corporate. The man decided to flee on foot and run from the law enforcement.

While one police officer was tracking down the man, the other police officers went inside the home. It was extremely dirty and covered in trash. There wasn’t even one piece of furniture in the entire home. That alone was just strange. The kitchen looked as if it was never used. They made their way to the garage, and that is where all the action was.

The garage was clearly a meth lab that had exploded. There was also a woman lying in the corner of the garage. Her appearance was awful. She was very thin and covered in burns and blood. It looks as if the impact of the explosion had killed her.  This was definitely a huge disaster, and was extremely unsafe for anyone to be around.  There was propane tanks spread through the garage, and a small sink that was stained bright red.  You could not only smell the chemicals in the air but also feel the power residue.  Meth is made up of various household products that when combined make one deadly drug. A professional clean up service is the only person that should attempt to clean such a mess up.

Not only is there chemicals all over the garage but now they need to worry about the bio hazard health warnings from the dead body in the corner.  Once the body was removed there was a huge blood stain left in place that needed to be cleaned up the right way.

Once the police and investigators have completed their tasks and the coroner have taken the body out of the home that’s when we step in and complete the job. Advanced Bio Treatment takes a great deal of pride in crime scene clean up and we love what we do. We go into each scene fully educated with the situation and are prepared to get the job done quickly and efficiently.

We went in a completely stripped the garage from all known causes of chemicals and debris. We used special equipment and cleaning substances to rid the garage of all known bio hazard body fluids and risks.

It’s very important that a professional service take on a task this extreme and Advanced Bio Treatment will take on any crime scene clean up. We understand the emotional aspect as well and respect family member’s wishes and needs. If you need any crime scene clean up service please don’t hesitate to call us.

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