Oakland Homicide

We received a call from a family in Oakland.


They explained to us that their grandfather was murdered in his home over the weekend. The grandfather was an elderly man who lived with them and their three children. Everyone but the grandfather had taken a weekend getaway trip and when they returned is when they discovered the grandfather deceased. Apparently it was a robbery gone wrong which resulted in a death.

 The family called law enforcement first of course and when the police arrived they investigated and came to the conclusion that the robbers had thought the house was clear of humans when they came to rob the area. They concluded that the elder man was shot from behind in his kitchen and had no chance for survival in this unfortunate murder.

 Once the police and the coroner complete their jobs and removed the body, the family called us at Advanced Bio Treatment for assistance to finish the job. They made it clear that they wanted the house cleaned as soon as possible. The family was grieving and had a difficult time coping with such a shocking and unexpected death.


Advanced Bio Treatment understands the emotions involved in such a tragic loss.


We will assist in working with your insurance company and funeral arrangements. We will always respect the family’s privacy and concerns, especially in such a horrific circumstance.


When we arrived at the home and met with the family they took us to where the murder happened. It was as we expected to see. There was a huge amount of dried blood on the tile floors and in the grout. The appliances and cabinets were splattered with blood also. You could tell where he collapsed and was bleeding out because when we removed the oven to clean and disinfect underneath the puddle of blood had seeped underneath.

 It took hours of disinfecting and deodorizing the kitchen. We follow strict professional guidelines when disposing of biohazardous waste. Advanced Bio Treatment always uses professional equipment and professionally trained individuals.


If you or someone you know needs a crime scene cleanup service please call us. We operate around the clock every day of the year. We know that deaths and messy situations can happen at any given moment and we make ourselves available.




Undiscovered Bodies

Unattended deaths can be extremely gruesome and emotional for all the parties involved.

Especially in this particular case with a murder-suicide unattended for two entire weeks. We received the frantic call from the parents of a young couple. They were explaining to us that they discovered their son’s body and his young wife’s body in their Ft. Lauderdale beach home.

Apparently the woman had committed murder along with taking her own life. The reasons behind this tragic event are unknown, but we at Advanced Bio Treatment are here to help pick up the pieces and clean up such horrific scenes.

The parents of the son vacationing in Europe and let the young newlyweds stay in their Ft. Lauderdale beach home while they were away traveling. They never thought to keep touch with them because they trusted the couple to keep up around the home. After two weeks in Europe they made their way back to Florida to find the lawn untouched, the mail was not checked and the garbage looked neglected.

They immediately knew something just wasn’t right. Before they even made their way to the front door the smell was extremely foul. That was the first thing they noticed; the disgusting, repulsive odor. They mentioned that it was so nauseating that it literally burned their noses.

Unattended deaths can grow messy very quickly.

Blood cleanup by Advanced Bio TreatmentDeath in general is messy and that’s where Advanced Bio Treatment comes in to clean the disaster up. Once a body is unattended for just a day it begins to bloat and can literally explode at the naval.

That’s the reason behind such messy scenes with undiscovered bodies. The bodily fluids will explode all over the room, and the entire area will have to be cleaned and most items will have to be disposed of.

In this particular case the woman had shot her husband in the head with a pistol where she turned around and shot herself. The room was sickening, especially given the fact of what events had taken place in here. It made our stomachs turn.

The entire room was covered in either blood or bodily fluids. Even if it was just small drop every inch of the room was covered. The mattress, curtains, and decorative chairs had to be removed and disposed of.

They were not salvageable because of the heavy staining and odor. Once we were able to remove all the items that were not able to be saved we had to wipe down the room three different times. Starting with decontaminating, disinfecting and lastly deodorizing. This was a big job but we always bring advanced equipment and professional employees.

Advanced Bio Treatment respects all situations and we understand that any type of death can be traumatizing and puts a great deal of stress on loved ones. We are here to help, so please don’t hesitate to call us 24/7.

We specialize in all messy cleanups and will answer any questions you may have.

Hoarder In Oakland

Hoarding has become in major issue in America, and unfortunately usually from people who suffer from mental illness or post traumatic stress.

This particular hoarder was suffering from just that. She lost her husband in Afghanistan fives years prior and has been suffering emotionally since then. She never could accept the fact that he was gone and she took her emotions out on her home. She was an extreme hoarder that started with clothing and apparel, then things got out of hand. Fueling her habit was a large settlement from life insurance, on which she has been spending it on everything under the sun. I guess this is her way of coping with his death, but  her home was wrecked and she was the one who courageously called and asked for help.

Advanced Bio Treatment doesn’t only clean up bloody murders, we also clean up hoarding disasters.

She was explaining to us over the phone that it has turned into an unsafe area and she desperately needs help. She said that she has three cats and one has been missing for a few days and she worries that the cat might possible be deceased somewhere amongst the piles of clothes, shoes and trash.

We made our way to her home and it was an extremely nice home located in a decent area. From the outside looks you would never guess that an extreme hoarder was lurking inside.

Her living room was the first room we made our way through. You literally couldn’t even see the couches. There was a narrow walkway that was about 2 feet wide. We couldn’t imagine how she could survive in this clutter. Not only does it stink like rotting food and death, but it’s dangerous to have such high piles of items around the home like that. You could get stuck or worse die from a falling object.

When we made our way to the back of the home every room was the same; stacked full, it was unreal!

We started to notice a foul odor from the back bedroom and that’s when we decided it had to have been a deceased cat. We know death when we smell it and she wasn’t surprised, but the smell was awful. The scene needed to be under control immediately before her or any of us get seriously injured or breathe in any potentially risky bacteria.

It took a lot of manpower and disinfecting to get this home back up to par. We disposed of hundreds of pounds of waste and was able to located the deceased cat and dispose of the body properly. She was grateful of the outcome of our services and we are pleased to bring some sense of control back in her life.

If you or someone you know is an extreme hoarder and needs a little guidance in a cleanup service please don’t hesitate to call us 24/7. We will take care of any messy scene and get your life back up and running again.