Hoarding Cleanup In Arlington, VA

People usually think murder scenes are the worst ones we have to deal with, but that’s not necessarily true.

A murder scene usually involves a small area. Often, this is only one room. Compare that with drug and hoarder houses where the entire place – every room – is packed with everything imaginable, including nasty garbage, filth and possible hazards.

A few months back, we got a call for such a place. While not really unusual for this kind of assignment, reflecting on the job offers some insight into what a monumental task it is to clean up such a site – and why professionals like us at Advanced Bio Treatment need to do it.

We arrived on the scene of a job in a middle-class neighborhood outside of Arlington, VA.

It wasn’t a run-down area at all. Homes were relatively neat and well-maintained. In fact, when we got to the address, we thought maybe it was the wrong place because the grass was cut, the landscaping was neat, and nothing looked different from the other houses. Except that you couldn’t see inside at all because every window had the blinds closed on a day with full sunshine.

But we double-checked and yes, it was the right place. What we knew was that a man was recently evicted through a foreclosure action. His mother was the original owner, and she had died a few years earlier. The son, on disability, couldn’t maintain the mortgage payments once his mother’s inheritance ran out (even though it was a substantial sum).

Once we opened the door, the sights and smells were as nasty as any hoarding, crack, or meth house we encounter in the ghetto. Obviously, the man had a serious drinking problem, and possibly drugs as well. Beer cans were piled up waist high in several rooms – and mixed among the cans were garbage, decomposing food, pizza boxes, and dirty clothes.

We couldn’t understand why the outside was so clean until a chatty neighbor told us the story. According to her, the occupant’s son would cut the grass and clean up the outside about once every two weeks. Seems they didn’t dare attempt to do any kind of indoor cleanup.

We needed a large commercial dumpster to get rid of the refuse. Extra crew members were needed to help. Once the garbage and debris were out of the house, we had to remove carpeting and other surfaces.

Blood, beer and urine (both dog and human) were soaked into subfloors in several rooms. These needed treatment, as did the HVAC venting system because of dog hair and odor.

This was a cleanup that would be impossible without professionals like us. To clean up a drug or hoarder house like this to the point where it’s odor-free, germ-free and safe takes specialists like us. We’ll handle everything involved with the cleanup and certify the property clean and safe when we finish.

Here Comes The Boom

People tend to think we work only in cities doing crime scene cleanup, since that’s where they think more crime takes place.

In this business, we do clean up many urban crime scenes, but plenty of them are out in the countryside. The open space and woods make it easier to hide drug operations, for example.

In the Tennessee mountains, folks in one small town noticed vehicles heading down a dead-end road towards an old hunting camp. They didn’t know for sure what was going on, but everyone knew the family who owned the land. For years, no one visited the camp. Grass and small saplings began to grow in the dirt road leading to it.

Then, one of the older sons from the family started going there. Locals saw him in his truck heading toward the camp. In town at the diner one day, one of his mother’s friends asked what he was doing. He said he was remodeling the camp. She had no reason to doubt him.

But others never saw any building materials in his truck, or in any other vehicles that went toward the camp. Some started suspecting drug activity because the son in question had been arrested for drug possession before, and had a reputation as a drug user. Whatever was going on wasn’t bothering anyone, so no one had any reason to call the law. That is, until one day.


A screaming woman called 911 and reported an explosion and a building on fire.

There were three injured people – including the owner’s son (who died later). Responders found the remains of a meth lab and large volumes of hazardous chemicals that were spilled and improperly stored. Apparently, there was a flash explosion that ignited nearby debris and caught the building on fire.

Such an accident or crime scene requires extensive cleanup that can last for many days. Meth lab chemicals are very hazardous to humans, animals, and the environment. Wells, sewers, and septic systems can be affected. In this case, an environmentally-sensitive stream was only 75 feet from the meth lab site.

Our professionals do a complete survey of the meth lab contamination and provide you with a bid at that point. Then, we’ll decontaminate the site, dispose of hazardous materials, and officially certify that your property is safe.

A meth lab can be set up anywhere. If one has been on your property, you’ll want our professionals to make sure there’s a proper clean-up and certification that everything’s safe.

Day or night, call Advanced Bio Treatment if you or anyone you know needs our services or has any questions. Things can happen at any time, so we’re ready all the time.


Young Love Turned Tragic

Every time we go to a job, it’s a different situation – even though the reasons for murder and suicide are often the same.

Usually someone has some combination of emotions like depression, jealousy, drunkenness, or rage. But it seems like no matter how many murder or suicide scenes we clean up, someone will always commit another such act under a new and strange set of circumstances.

This was one of those jobs. A young girl had just broken up with her high school sweetheart because he became “too serious” and was not enough fun for her. “James” was emotionally devastated, and couldn’t accept that his relationship with “Amanda” was over. He called and texted his sweetheart over and over, saying that they were “meant to be together” and that he couldn’t go on without her.

One afternoon, a distressed James came over to Amanda’s house on the way home from school. James said he only wanted to talk – “as friends.” Amanda’s mother wasn’t home, and Amanda let James inside, not realizing how upset he was. James did intend to talk – but he didn’t intend to leave without patching up the relationship. Just in case, his backup plan was with him in his backpack. Yes, this encounter went south in a hurry.


Large caliber handguns can make quite a mess. Whether it’s an accident, murder, or suicide, the cleanup is a big job when they’re involved. Only shotguns seem to make more of a mess.


In Amanda’s pink-colored room, the two young ex-lovers chatted. James sat on the bed and put his backpack on the floor in front of him. Amanda told James that she had a new boyfriend, and that it might be kind of fun if James would date her friend instead. They could, of course, be friends – but not lovers any more.

That was all James could take. He took his dad’s .45 out of the backpack. For a second, Amanda thought he would kill her. Instead, he cocked the hammer and with one deafening blast, shot upward through his head from under the chin. Hysterical and splattered with blood, Amanda called 911.

Eventually we were called to clean up the blood and tissue, which was splattered on the walls, ceiling, door, floor, and especially the bed. Of course, Amanda’s mother didn’t anticipate dealing with this kind of mess! But we were referred and our experienced techs took care of it quickly once they arrived on scene.

Suicide or murder by gun is always messy and emotionally disturbing. These things DO happen. Our professionals will handle the cleanup so that no trace of blood or odor is left at the scene. It’ll be safe and sanitary when we’re done.

If you or someone you know needs our services or just has questions, feel free to contact us. Advanced Bio Treatment is here for you 24/7!