No Money, No Problems

While working at ABT I’ve noticed even more so how much money is a motivating factor in people’s decisions.

Money has been the reason people take risks and sadly it is also the reason many lives have ended.

About a year ago we received a phone call from a woman mourning the loss of her husband. Something had happened and she needed our clean up services.

We loaded up and headed north of Atlanta, Georgia to the base of the Appalachian Mountains. Taking one of the rare moments we have in our busy lives on our way there and just enjoying the scenery of the most beautiful country in the USA.

The neighborhood we were going to was in a rural community. Every home we passed sat on a large piece of land. Some of them seemed to be openly inviting you with their rows of pecan trees lining the driveways, others had large herds of cattle or horse stables that just commanded your attention. It was quite serene and some of us felt a little envious of the picturesque nature of this quiet community.

We found the address we were looking for with the aid of the tire swing that swayed gently under the branches of a mighty Oak. As we got out of the van we were greeted by our client at the base of a short flight of stairs that was lined with flower pots. After introductions and our sincere offerings of our sympathy she gave us a soothing smile that must’ve captured the attention of many a gentleman in her earlier days and led us up to the large wrap around porch.

We now got to see why we were called. It was definitely not a scene you’d expect to find in a beautiful country setting like this.

With a deep sigh and a shaky smile she explained to us that her husband was a simple guy, very traditional. He felt he owed it to his family to give them a certain quality of life and would put a lot of pressure on himself to make this happen and provide for them. He felt he had to be their rock and be reliable to give them a happy life. He had done his job amazingly well for 41 years. For 41 years he was an amazing husband and father to their many children and when the time came, he excelled at being a grandfather.

After some health issues, one day he received word from his doctors that he had a rare form of pancreatic cancer. He had spent all his life making sure his family was taken care of and comfortable but he didn’t prepare for this. He spent most of his time worrying about becoming a burden on his family and worrying that the costs for his care would decimate the money he had worked so hard to leave for his family. He couldn’t live thinking that his family would be financially destitute because of his sickness. He thought he had figured out the solution.

The night he died, he waited for his wife to leave for bible study then he took a glass of sweet tea onto the front porch, along with his antique revolver. Sitting on the porch swing, he watched the sun disappear over the mountains one last time, pulled a love note out of his pocket and placed it next to him. The final action of his life was pulling the trigger to the gun he placed to his temple.

My heart felt for her as she finished the story, telling it with love and understanding despite the finality of his actions. She had felt that he had shouldered the load for so long, given so much of himself, that he deserved to go out on his own terms.

In a weird way, even his choice of where to end it spoke to his thoughtful nature. He ended his life in a place that made cleanup pretty quick and easy. We were able to remove any trace of his final act so his family could try to start the process of healing.

Leaving the home, I smiled. Everywhere I looked I saw a life well lived. Military honors, pictures with family and friends beaming smiles, souvenirs of wild vacations. We might have erased this man’s death but he lived a life worth remembering and nobody could erase that. The last thing I saw on my way out was the sign that hung from a nail over the garage door.

“We make a living by what we get but we make a life by what we give”.

Wise words that stuck with me and that I try to live by. It’s nice to know that even after he was gone, he was still able to give us something.

Don’t ever try to clean up a crime scene or accident scene yourself. Dangerous pathogens can be found in blood and other fluids that could pose a significant risk to your health. We have the professional training and experience to remove any blood, tissue or fluids and decontaminate the scene properly regardless of whether it’s at a residential, commercial or industrial location. We use EPA approved hospital grade cleansers and follow OSHA regulations as well on every job.

If you need guidance, have questions or need our services do not hesitate to call Advanced Bio Treatment at 800-295-1684.


Maggots, Blood, and Grime, Just Another Day!

As you can see from the picture the maggots had started to infest this bloody, leftover remains of a human body we cleaned up this week.

The story was this guy worked at a job where he was exposed to a lot of chemicals and at times pretty intense fumes and fire.  He had a few close calls where he was exposed to chemicals that had leaked on his skin and burned him a few times.

Apparently the last week of his life he worked on a train derailment for several days straight on an out of town job.  The job was dangerous because tankers carrying dangerous chemicals had overturned causing a chemical spill and fire.  The fumes were bad and even though he wore a plastic suit and mask he had inhaled in a great deal of the chemicals when his mask had fallen off.

He suffered internal burns and internal bleeding that he had no idea about.  Surely he must have felt ill but still didn’t do anything about it.  Can you even imagine what that would feel like burning and bleeding internally?  All I can say is that had to be a nasty way to die.

He lived alone so he wasn’t found for quite some time.

Advanced Bio Treatment are experts in unattended death cleanup scenes. We have equipment, specialized disinfectant cleaners, and advanced training in order to properly handle every scene.

Our technicians are prompt, work quickly and thoroughly and of course work with the utmost care and compassion for the friends and loved ones.  We understand how difficult this time can be. Let us make it a bit easier and give you the assurance you need that the job is done right.

Unattended Death Can Be A Hazardous Situation

Most often it can contain blood, tissue, bodily fluids, urine, and feces all in a state of decomposition. This poses an extreme risk for untrained individuals as they can be exposed to infectious diseases. A single drop of blood or bodily fluid can contain germs, bacteria, and active disease that will remain viable and dangerous for long periods of time.

These dangers can soak into cloth, carpet, wood, flooring, sub-flooring, in between walls, and ceilings carrying their pathogens with them.

In addition to the risk an untrained person undertakes when dealing with an unattended death, OSHA and the EPA have strict regulations on the collection and disposal to these types of hazardous material.  Not only does Advanced Bio Treatment have professionally trained technicians with specialized equipment to handle the scene of an unattended death, but we also handle the entire disposal for you.

The End of an Era – Antibiotics & Superbugs

What is the most common thing to do when you develop a sore throat, fever, skin rash, or other ailment?

Here in the good ole USA most will make an appointment and go see their doctor.  Depending on the diagnosis the doctor is likely to  prescribe an antibiotic and all is well.

What we are beginning to experience though,  are new strains of bacteria that are resistant to antibiotics.  Could we be facing an END to Antibiotics as we know them?

Could we be facing serious NIGHTMARES in the near future as our commonly prescribed antibiotics become increasingly ineffective?

What can we do to protect ourselves?

For years health officials have been warning that there is a problem with antibiotic overuse and the development of superbugs.

MRSA is one such superbug extremely difficult to treat and found in hospitals, prisons,  and nursing homes.  Many afflicted with MRSA are those with already weakened immune systems.

Every year there are over two million people who develop antibiotic resistant infections and an estimated 23,000 people die. This is more than die from HIV/AIDS per year.

The CDC reports that nearly 9,000 infections are contracted in hospitals and healthcare facilities.  Ironically, where people go to get well!

Gram negative bacteria cause serious infections that are highly contagious and can be spread through human contact.  Some gram negative bacteria such as H-Pylori spread fast and the result can be devastating causing gastritis, peptic ulcers and even stomach cancer!

An outbreak of these serious bacteria can not only spread quickly, containing an outbreak such as this can be extremely difficult and the results DEADLY.

The common ways in which bacteria can be passed from person to person include  contact with contaminated hands of hospital staff; contact with contaminated surfaces such as door handles, over-bed tables and call bells’ contact with contaminated equipment, such as stethoscopes and blood pressure cuffs.

As we face these public health challenges which even the CDC (Center for Disease Control) call a nightmare what can we do to protect ourselves?

While we can’t predict the unknown future of these antibiotic resistant bacteria we can begin to take precautionary measures to prevent the spread of these serious infections.

Advanced Bio Treatment is prepared and on call 24/7 to assist in battling these potential epidemics.

Our trained technicians are prepared to disinfect, sanitize and attempt to destroy these harmful bacterias and pathogens before they have a chance to spread.

We will work hard to combat these deadly bacteria using highly effective measures such as The Hydrogen Peroxide Room Fogger.

The HP room fogger uses a combination of Hydrogen Peroxide and Silver Nitrate in a gaseous form that destroys 99.9% of all deadly bacteria and viruses. The virus and bacteria disinfecting mist will immediately begin to attack and destroy illness causing viruses and bacteria in the room.

The Hydrogen Peroxide Room Fogger is perfect for disinfecting homes, businesses, hospitals, and nursing homes of MRSA, STAPH, CDIFF and Flu, but it can also be used in doctor’s offices, dentist offices, emergency care centers, and operating rooms.

ABT will work with you and your business to prevent the spread of deadly antibiotic resistant bacteria.

Call ABT for more information on how we can work together to combat what may become a serious threat.