Blood Cleanup Scene in Oakland, California Bathroom

Fast Food Filth

It’s probably not surprising that some studies have found that 90% of children in the United States visit the largest fast food chain in the nation monthly, if not more.  But when we add up the facts, it becomes more and more concerning.  Study after study shows that a single patty of ground beef from a fast food restaurant can contain meat from up to a hundred different cows.  Dateline NBC recently conducted a Consumer Alert investigation in which investigators were sent into 100 stores of each of America’s top ten fast food chains.  The findings were alarming and included multiple accounts decomposing rodents, blood dripping from food and serving ware, countless accounts of foodborne illnesses including salmonella and e. coli.  But it’s not always the fault of the food service industry and workers; sometimes it’s simply the clientele.

The Customer’s Not Always Right

Advanced Bio Treatment was called out to a popular fast food chain restaurant recently to conduct a cleanup that involved blood cleanup from a birth in the bathroom.  A young woman had entered the facility shortly after it opened and was seen on surveillance leaving a few hours later, trailing blood.  Not a single customer had reported a problem or anything unusual before the woman left, but over the course of about three and a half hours, a woman had not only given birth in one of the stalls, but she had left her infant in a trash receptacle.

I heard a woman screaming and crying, running from the bathroom.  All she could say was ‘a baby is hurt, a baby was left in there’.  Another employee and I ran into the bathroom and there was blood smeared everywhere.  And then we heard the whimpering.  How could someone throw away a baby?  Dead or alive, how could someone view her as trash?

Apparently the woman who gave birth was able to conceal any sound and blood spill until she left.  The bloody scene was discovered minutes after the woman exited the restaurant which was lifesaving, according to the recue team, for the abandoned infant.  No one had noticed how the blood spill from the stall where the woman had labored had seeped around the toilets in the next two stalls.  Additionally, as the woman staggered out of the restroom, she left bloody handprints and smears on the stall doors, walls, and just about everywhere in the restroom.  Surveillance video also revealed that on her way out, she left a steady trail of blood and smudges on several of the tables as she struggled to maintain her balance.  The blood cleanup was extensive, and our technicians at Advanced Bio Treatment used the industry’s latest technology to ensure that all biological material  was contained and disposed of according to laws and regulations regarding biohazard waste.  The entire restaurant was temporarily closed so that our technicians could ensure there was no risk of exposure to blood or risk of the spread of any potential infectious diseases transmissible by blood borne pathogens.

More than Blood Cleanup

To our Advanced Bio Treatment family, it’s always about more than the blood cleanup.  It’s about the relationships we’ve developed in the communities around the nation and about each person involved in every situation.  In this particular case, the young woman who had given birth in the restroom stall was found behind an adjacent fast food restaurant suffering from blood loss and mental illness.  Her tiny infant survived, we later learned with relief, and was placed with a family with the intent to adopt.  We at Advanced Bio Treatment were honored to offer our services to protect the health of the community in Oakland, California.

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Bloody Mess Cleanup at Pool in Lakewood, Ohio

Alcohol Plus Water = Trauma

In the United States, about ten people each day die from drowning in non-boat related accidents according to the Center for Disease Control.  Not surprisingly, in 2010 about 25% of drowning related emergency department visits involved the use of alcohol, and a whopping 70% of deaths related to water recreation involved alcohol.  Needless to say, alcohol and swimming pools aren’t a wise mix, especially when you are a teenager.  The CDC reports 4,300 deaths each year related to underage drinking and almost 200,000 emergency room visits by intoxicated youth under the age of 21.

A Balcony Jumper’s Bloody Mess

Last year, in Lakewood, Ohio, Advanced Bio Treatment arrived for a blood cleanup call at a home swimming pool.  Our operator was told about a party in which underage drinkers were jumping into a pool and one was injured, resulting in a bloody mess.  It turned out that the high school seniors were celebrating their homecoming win with liquor and jumping off a second story balcony into a pool.  Apparently they got creative and teenagers were jumping off backward and even attempting to flip mid-air into the pool from the rooftop.  But there was about 3 feet of roofing that jutted out on the first level that the balcony sat upon, and the teens were attempting to stand on the stone railing of the balcony and jump outward over the roofing into the pool.

On my last jump I hit the gutter but I made it into the pool.  The gutter was dangling and everyone thought it was hilarious.  It sobered me up enough to not jump again.  But Andy did.  He stood on the balcony and slipped and somehow grabbed the gutter on his way down, but it detached immediately and he fell on his back into the pool, clipping his head on the edge of the pool.

Andy hadn’t just sliced his head open, he’d severely injured both of his arms and his right hand from grabbing and sliding down the gutter.  His friends quickly dragged him out of the pool that was red with his blood and drug him onto the pool deck.  Unconscious and bleeding, several of the boys brought him into living room through the sliding glass doors and Andy lay there on the carpet until the paramedics arrived.

Cleanup Time

The homeowner’s son reached out to us for help.  He wasn’t sure how to explain to his parent’s what had occurred, but he knew that he had to get the pool, pool deck and his living room cleaned of the bloody mess and sanitized.  He told us how his mother had installed the new carpet, replacing the carpet he grew up on, just a few months ago.  That’s when one of our compassionate technicians convinced the young man that the truth would set him free.  There was an entire portion of the carpet that would need replacing due not only to the blood that had seeped through the carpet, padding and into the subflooring, but also due to one vomit stain and a mud track near the patio entrance.  It was time for some growing up in more than one way.  The teen’s irresponsibility lead to his friend’s trauma and his home’s destruction.  And lying was only going to create more distrust and possibly drive a rift between him and his parents.  Our highly trained technicians suited up in their biohazard gear and drained and scrubbed the pool and sanitized all of the tubing and lines, ensuring that no bloodborne bacteria or viruses would be circulating in the water or lingering along the sides of the pool.  The pool deck was cleaned and treated with chemicals to ensure that any biological material was destroyed.  The subflooring was salvaged, but part of the carpet was removed and disposed of.

Ensuring that a bloody mess is completely cleaned and safe involves technology and training that all of our technicians at Advanced Bio Treatment receive.  Let us use our expertise to help you in the event that you need biohazard emergency cleanup services or trauma scene cleanup services.

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Raw Sewage for Breakfast in Springfield, Massachusetts

The Down and Dirty on Raw Sewage

Anyone who’s had raw sewage back up into their home knows what a nightmare the repercussions are.  The sheer expense alone is enough to make someone sick, not to mention the bacterial, viral, and parasitic concerns.  According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), over seven million people a year become ill due to exposure to raw sewage.  And seven percent of those people suffer from severe, sometimes fatal illnesses.

Bacterial infections are certainly a concern with the risk of exposure to Escherichia coli (E. coli), Campylobacter, Salmonella, Leptospira, and Shigella to name a few.  All of which are rampant in raw sewage.  Viruses are also commonly contracted from contact with sewage backups.  Rotavirus, adenovirus, Norwalk virus, Hepatitis A, and the frightening Poliomylitis Virus are likely present as well.  If somehow you’ve avoided becoming contaminated with one of these viruses or bacteria, there’s always a chance to get a parasite.  How does Cryptosporidium sound?  How about Giardia?  How will you know if you’ve become infected?  You’ll likely think you’ve got the stomach flu, but some of these nasty parasites, viruses, and bacterial infections can also cause bloody stool and even paralysis.  Needless to say, it’s best to avoid any contact with raw sewage if you have a backup in your home or business.  Professional biohazard cleanup is without question the only approach.

Raw Sewage NOT on the Menu

Unfortunately, zero contact wasn’t an option for all the traveling guest at one particular bed and breakfast in Springfield, Massachusetts.  When raw sewage backed up throughout the home one morning, there was literally human waste spewing out of the sink drains, including the kitchen, and the toilets were overflowing into the seven bedrooms.

My husband and I were on our 20th anniversary trip.  We just strolled down the hall to breakfast and there was suddenly this very offensive odor, like something died.  And the worse part was that it seemed to be coming from the kitchen.  We skipped the highly acclaimed breakfast.  Believe me, we’d read all the reviews, and people all over the country raved about those breakfasts.  Having lived in Mobile, Alabama my whole life, I was just devastated to have to eat fast food for my first New England breakfast, but it was certainly a blessing in disguise considering what we missed!

Darla and her husband missed quite a scene, too.  There were two guests who charged into the breakfast dining area with feces covering their shoes up to their ankles, screaming that their room was flooded with raw sewage.  The owner came out of the kitchen dry heaving, with sewage splattered on his apron.  It was grotesque to say the least and simply devastating for the business owners.  Two plumbers later, the owner of the B&B called on Advanced Bio Treatment for their expertise and professional cleanup services.

Holding all the required certifications surrounding the handling and disposal of biohazard waste, and with years of experience under their belts, Advanced Bio Treatment was the obvious choice according the B&B owner.

Advanced Bio Treatment was not only amazingly courteous and professional, but they were fast.  I had some basic remodeling to do once the cleanup was complete, but because of Advanced Bio Treatment’s quick response, I didn’t lose nearly as much as I could have.  After the cleanup was complete, they used a Halo hydrogen peroxide fogger to kill any bacteria, viruses, and parasites that might have remained unseen.  They were also able to completely remove the offensive odor.

Advanced Bio Treatment is honored to serve businesses and home owners in Massachusetts as well as throughout our nation.  We are proud to offer our team of highly trained professionals to address and attack your worst cleanup needs.  Whether it be a raw sewage backup, an accident scene, or another biohazard disaster, we are here for you 24-hours a day, 365 days a year.

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