Unattended Death in Wilmington, Delaware

Mysterious Terrible Odor

Our highly trained technicians at Advanced Bio Treatment see a lot of interesting things in the field and often become an interwoven piece of the recovery story for the families and businesses involved.  It’s just the nature of the industry, and it’s exactly why compassion and discretion are so essential.  Discovering the remains of a loved one can be a tragic and confusing time, but what about when the unattended death discovery isn’t that of a loved one, but a stranger instead?  What happens when the unattended death you discover is that of an intruder?  Occasionally, Advanced Bio Treatment encounters these situations, and they’re often surrounded by strange and surprising circumstances.

Ted and Sienna were never expecting to make the gruesome discovery in their attic that they did last fall in their beautiful home in Wilmington, Delaware.  It all started with a terrible odor that Sienna would smell occasionally.  She ignored it for the first couple of weeks, excusing it for something outside or simply a mystery.  But when she and Ted left for a week and returned to find their home saturated in stench, they knew something had to be done.  First, they had a contractor take a look at their HVAC system, suspecting that a rodent died in their air vents, but this suspicion was quickly dismissed. They realized that the odor seemed strongest in their master bedroom, so they had another contractor come out to see if a mouse or rodent had crawled between the walls and died.  Again, no resolution.

Unattended Death of an Intruder

It wasn’t until they hired an animal removal company that someone took a look in their attic.  But by this time, almost two weeks after they’d returned from their trip, there was obvious staining on the ceiling of their master bedroom.  Some sort of liquid was seeping through due to the decomposition of what Ted and Sienna imagined was a raccoon or opossum.  What the animal removal technician found in there was beyond disturbing, and he advised Ted to call the police immediately.  The technician found a badly decomposed human body.  So badly decomposed, in fact, that some of the facial bones were exposed and the eye sockets appeared eaten away and void of eyeballs.

Even more disturbing than the unattended death they found in the attic were the other strange items.  Police found evidence that led them to believe the intruder was watching Ted and Sienna through a peephole and videotaping them as well.  They pieced all the evident together and determined that the intruder may have been watching to see when Ted and Sienna would be out of town so that he could empty their house of the valuables.  The intruder had had easy access to the attic since the stairs in the garage were left permanently down in addition to the garage door always left open.

Not only did Ted and Sienna have a mess to recover from, but they were traumatized by the knowledge that someone had been watching them and living among them in their private lives.  There were many questions that the couple desperately wanted answers to, one of which was how did the man end up dead in their attic.

Advanced Bio Treatment stepped in to support Ted and Sienna in their physical recovery needs.  Several rafters needed replacing due to the rotting flesh embedded in them and a large portion of the drywall ceiling in their bedroom was replaced as well.  Most of the insulation in the portion of the attic where the unattended death remains were was removed and replaced because maggots and other insects had infested the flesh of the decaying body and had facilitated in the spread of the fluids and biological matter.

More than Cleanup

In a thank you letter to our Advanced Bio Treatment team of technicians, the couple shared with us their immense gratitude for our compassion, discretion, and professionalism throughout the clean up process.  They also informed us that the intruder’s autopsy results had determined the cause of death was a heart-attack.  Our team was well aware of the importance of this seemingly insignificant bit of information.  We understood the relief that Ted and Sienna felt by understanding even just one more little piece of this strange puzzle.

Advanced Bio Treatment is the “obvious choice in emergency biohazard cleanup“, according to Sienna and Ted.  We are honored to have helped them in their moment of need along with many other families businesses in Delaware.  Advanced Bio Treatment offers its services across the United States and has operators standing by to answer your questions and schedule a team of our highly trained technicians to help you recover from the discovery of an unattended death or a tragic trauma scene.

Simply call 1-800-295-1684, and we’ll lead the way.


Elevator Malfunction Trauma Cleanup in Biloxi, Mississippi

Elevated Trauma Cleanup

Derrek was terribly shaken when he made the call to Advanced Bio Treatment for emergency trauma cleanup services.  Managing a mid-sized hotel in Biloxi, Mississippi had its ups and downs, but this was his first encounter with an accident of this magnitude.

It was such a relief to talk to someone who just took over and asked all the questions.  When I called Advanced Bio Treatment, the operator helped to diffuse the chaos in my mind and assured me that their team of technicians were prepared to clean the entire elevator shaft and the gruesome mess left on the lobby floor.

This wasn’t Advanced Bio Treatment’s first experience with an elevator accident, but it is rare to encounter these types of malfunctions.  Usually, elevator accidents involve some component of user error or horseplay. This time was different, however, because the trauma was caused by a technician bypassing a safety measure to call an elevator to the lobby without first ensuring that the elevator car was vacant.  It wasn’t vacant, and this egregious error is what lead to the massive trauma cleaning that Advanced Bio Treatment conducted.

Two of our guests entered the elevator on the 5th floor and the elevator car began moving as they stepped on and the doors remained open.  As the elderly woman lost her balance, her right arm became trapped and was drug along the elevator shaft wall the entire five floors down.  The gentleman with her fell and suffered a deep cut to his forehead.  It was really a grisly site when the elevator landed in the lobby.

Our technicians at Advanced Bio Treatment arrived promptly and immediately roped off the affected area.  The majority of the visible blood cleanup was completed almost immediately, but the elevator shaft cleaning was more intensive and required a great deal of safety measures and care in order to prevent another terrible accident.  Since there was still question regarding how the accident occurred, the elevator had to be secured above the workers not only using the safety switches but also with physical measures similar to scaffolding used in construction.  The walls of the elevator shaft required scrubbing and an application of disinfectant to eliminate the possibility of the spread of infectious disease from bloodborne pathogens.  A Halo Fogger, which emits a hydrogen peroxide fog to disinfect all surfaces including hidden crevices, was used in the elevator shaft, elevator car, and hotel lobby.

A Sigh of Relief

You never think you’ll need to call for trauma cleaning assistance; it’s just not something that crosses your mind until you’re standing there surrounded by chaos and a bloody mess.  Advanced Bio Treatment was not only amazingly reliable in their quick response, but they were incredibly discrete and professional.  They were able to conduct the entire cleanup with minimal distraction to the hotel guests.  In a nightmare situation, Advanced Bio Treatment really came through and saved us.

Advanced Bio Treatment is honored to serve the communities of Mississippi and around the U.S.  Our operators are standing by 24-hours a day, 365 days a year to assist you when tragedy strikes.  Simply call 1-800-295-1684.


Forklift Injury at Work in Hendersonville, Tennessee

Trauma Cleanup – Warehouse Woes: Injury at Work

According to OSHA, injury at work is 70% avoidable with proper training and safety guideline enforcement.  When it comes to forklift use in the workplace, there are three common accidents that occur that are avoidable in most circumstances: forklift overturn, forklift striking or pinning a person, and workers falling from forklifts.  About a year ago in Hendersonville, Tennessee, there was a terrible accident involving forklift operation resulting in critical injury at work that was tragically avoidable.

Phillip, a forklift operator in a Hendersonville warehouse, had arrived at work on time as usual, but he was clearly dragging his feet.  As a well-trained operator, Philip was depended on heavily for his mastery of forklift operation and had even been called upon to train new employees.  He was on his way up and gaining respect in his industry.  But this Monday morning, Phillip put everything on the line when he arrived at work still intoxicated from a wild night that creeped into the early morning hours.  Not wanting to call in, and trying to convince himself that he was sober enough to work, Phillip clocked in and began moving pallets onto the flatbeds.  Another worker that had been out with Phillip the night before didn’t show up, so the workload was twice the usual and the drivers were becoming impatient.  With impaired judgement and the pressure of a heavier workload, Phillip made a single choice that changed everything in not only his own life, but the lives of many others.

It was way too high a load to safely carry, according to a warehouse employee on scene when our Advanced Bio Treatment technicians arrived, and the forklift along with its load of pavers tipped.  That’s when the chaos ensued.  Not only had Phillip become trapped by the nine thousand pound forklift when his right leg was crushed by the overturned forklift, the pavers had completely crushed another employee standing beside the load as it was being lifted onto the flatbed.  Two other employees were struck by falling pavers, one on the head and the other had several gashes to the back of his head and shoulder.  One terrible decision to operate heavy machinery while intoxicated gave way to three serious injuries and a fatality that morning.

The Burden of Workplace Trauma

Once paramedics and the coroner were finished with their duties and the dead and injured were taken, Advanced Bio Treatment came in to recover the mess left behind at the warehouse.  There was a great deal of blood, as there often is from an injury at work, and it had seeped under the piled pavers and was smeared throughout the driver’s compartment and exterior side of the forklift.  The owners of the  paver company were now not only overwhelmed with grief from their workplace injury and  loss, concerns of liability and insurance claims, and a stall in the delivery of materials, but they now had the responsibility of cleaning the blood and human tissue remaining on the floor and all over the equipment and materials.  Advanced Bio Treatment was honored to lift this portion of their burden so that they could at the very least business could resume from their warehouse while they dealt with the insurance claims and investigators.

The last thing you need to worry about after an injury at work occurs is the cleanup.  Advanced Bio Treatment gladly takes this weight off of you and your business and you can feel certain you are receiving the most professional trauma cleanup services in the industry.  Advanced Bio Treatment has not only experience, but we offer compassionate, confidently assistance so that you can attend to what is really important.

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