Baltimore Triple Murder

Baltimore was enjoying a murder-free weekend until police were called due to shots being heard in a rundown neighborhood.

The police arrived to find a very small home completely trashed and covered in blood with three bodies discovered. It was a messy and dangerous scene. Once the police and coroner completed their jobs by investigating and removing the bodies we were called in to take care of the dirty job. Our job isn’t everyone’s dream but we take an enormous amount of pride with us on every job. With this particular scene we knew it was going to be a big job and we needed a lot of equipment and manpower to effectively work through it.

When we arrived to the home we met up with a couple family members of the deceased men. Apparently the home was owned by one of the men who had been murdered that morning. The wife was there to explain that they had been renting out the home to a couple of his close friends when all of this occurred. She mentioned that her husband has always been involved with drugs and violence so this wasn’t shocking to her. She still was extremely emotional and overwhelmed with everything that she has to cope with after his murder. Advanced Bio Treatment respects the families wishes and concerns. We understand the difficult time the family members face when one of their loved ones is suddenly taken from them unexpectedly.

We made our way through the home carefully room by room. Each room was empty other than the living and dining area. There wasn’t any furniture in the entire home. The only remotely close item to furniture was blinds. The home was solely used as a hangout spot for him and his friends. She explained that no one actually lived there that they used the home to plot crimes they were planning on committing. She had wanted to get out of this unhealthy relationship for a long time but always was too worried about her violent husbands actions. Since the murders had just taken place that morning the home still smelled of fresh blood. One of the men was in the kitchen when he was shot from behind because there was a lot of blood splatter on the stove, sink and tile floors. The living room where the other two men were murdered was covered in puddles of blood and what appeared to be smears and drag marks all through out the floor.

The entire house was tile so it was fairly easy for us to disinfect and remove all traces of blood versus having to remove carpet.

The kitchen was a much more difficult mess to clean compared to the tile floors in the living room. We had to carefully remove all items damaged by blood splatter. We decided it was safer to just dispose of any biohazardous waste to eliminate any health related risks. If you attempt to clean up a homicide scene you are potentially putting yourself at risk for deadly diseases and you could cause respiratory issues from bacteria in the air.

Advanced Bio Treatment is a professional crime scene cleanup company who only uses advanced equipment and cleaners. We wear protective gear at all times while we are on the job. We do this on a daily basis and will help work with your insurance company and funeral arrangements. Give us a call 24/7 with any guidance or questions you may have.


Suicide in Tampa

It was a sunny and peaceful day in Tampa, Florida when we received a call about a suicide.

A young woman who had just graduated from college who had her whole life ahead of her took her life when her long term boyfriend broke up with her. Apparently they were arguing about marriage and future plans when he decided to leave for a few days to cool off. She had slit her wrist in the bathtub and he discovered her body.

The boyfriend had went away for the weekend and talked to his girlfriend off and on during the week but noticed she was acting very detached and unemotional which worried him because she had suffered with depression before. She had told him that she was going to kill herself if he didn’t come home, he didn’t take it too serious given the fact she has said this multiple times before.

Suicide takes 40,000 American lives each year. It’s a serious issue that shouldn’t be ignored.

In this particular situation she had been dealing with depression off and on and a lot of emotional obstacles. She had just graduated college with her Master’s in Biology and planned to work with animals in Orlando.

The boyfriend came home late on Sunday evening when he noticed that something wasn’t right. He had a bad feeling from when he pulled up in the driveway to when he opened the front door. All the lights in the house were off and her car was in the garage which was odd since she worked nights at a local mall as a night auditor.

He mentioned to us that he started searching the house and found her lying in her own pool of blood in the master bathroom. He immediately called 911 and the police and EMT have arrived within minutes. They removed her body and concluded their investigation. That’s when the boyfriend called us. Advanced Bio Treatment specializes in crime scene cleanups. We clean up the mess left behind in a tragic circumstance.

When we arrived on the scene we made sure to bring all our advanced equipment and cleaners. The bathroom tub was stained with blood and we had to disinfect and deodorize at least five times before it looked good as new. We disposed of the shower curtain and bathroom rugs because they were so badly stained with blood. The boyfriend gave us permission to dispose of all items that were not salvageable.

During all of the commotion the boyfriend kept his calm, but we could tell he was really upset about everything. He mentioned to us that her family wasn’t in her life and that he didn’t know how to go about arranging her funeral. Advanced Bio Treatment respects all the grieving family members and we assured him that we would help with that as much as possible.

Advanced Bio Treatment is a reputable company and we take a great amount of pride in our trade. If you or someone you know needs a crime scene clean up service please call us 24/7.


Murder Suicide Cleanup in Napa

Napa Valley Murder Suicide Cleanup

It was a particularly quiet day today, and we haven’t seen much action here for a few days. We have been preparing for something outrageous because that’s usually how that works; the calm before the storm.

We were all sitting in the office when we received the call that we needed to be at this residence as soon as possible. There wasn’t too many words exchanged other than that it was a horrible bloody disaster with at least three people involved.

When we arrived on the scene the feeling in the air was just off. You could feel the tension; you could feel that something horrible happened in the home.

The home itself looked lifeless and empty. All the windows were open and you could see straight through to the backyard which was huge. I couldn’t even see the end of the yard. The house was nestled out on the country side of town. The closest neighbors were at least two miles away. It’s terrifying to think to the crimes that were committed here and no one was around to hear the screams.

Once we made our way in the house the smell immediately set us off. It was awful; it was the smell of rotting flesh. We were inside the home and examining and attempting to figure out what happened here.

Apparently the man who lived here decided to murder in cold blood three men and them himself. The main room was the room that the heinous crime had taken place. We don’t know all the details of the actual crime but from what we can see when know that is was a torture fest.

The carpet was almost not even recognizable. There was blood everywhere. It was all over the walls and the ceilings as well. The back door was a sliding glass door and it was smeared with blood also. It was disgusting. These three men were obviously tortured and just left to rot and die. When the bodies were found they had already started to decompose.

This man was so furious with his three best friends something must have just snapped in his head for him to do this. He must have felt guilty because not only were the three men found dead in the living room tortured and murdered but the man also took his own life outside by hanging himself. He must not have been able to cope with what he had just done.

We went in a cleaned everything up and left the house looking brand new again. There is no way to tell there was ever a horrible bloody crime ever committed here. We used special equipment and disinfecting cleaners to rid the house of all potentially dangerous biohazard fluids.

Our job isn’t pretty, but we do it because we love to. We appreciate the fact that we are helping families cope with such a tragic event and that we can help put some peace back into the chaos.

If you need assistance or questions about a crime scene cleanup don’t hesitate to call us. We offer 24/7 clean up services and we are here to help.