Hayward, CA Homicide Cleanup

From Hayward, CA we received a call to our Northern California dispatch about a homicide cleanup.

A phone call from a grieving mother who had just lost her son in a brutal homicide cleanup.

Her son was murdered in his own home early in the morning the previous day. Apparently he was attempting to sell a few of his belongings that were worth a lot of money. The killer ended his life and fled with his belongings. The mother was heartbroken and his death was unexpected and traumatizing.

Death and accidents are never scheduled and can occur at any time. It’s unfortunate when situations happen and can’t be controlled. Advanced Bio Treatment understands the frustrations and stress related to loss. We understand that several emotions are involved, especially when the family remains to pick up the pieces.

The mother came home from work to find her son dead in the living room. The front door was wide open, his truck was parked in the driveway as if he had never left. The mother immediately knew that something didn’t sit well. When she discovered his body, she called the Police followed by EMT and Law Enforcement arrived to her home within minutes.

Once the police completed their investigation and the coroner removed the body, Advanced Bio Treatment stepped in to clean the messy scene left over after such a horrific murder.

It’s crime scene cleanup companies jobs to safely and professionally cleanup scenes, unlike popular belief. It’s the family members responsibility to contact an agency after such a tragedy.

We met with the mother at her home shortly after her call to us. We respect family members and their emotions through such a difficult time. We want to ensure that their lives go back to normal as soon as possible, give some sanity back to a grieving mother.

When we made our way through the living room we saw all the blood and what appeared to be brain matter. She was distraught but still able to give us a small amount of information. Apparently the killer who murdered her son admitted that he had taken drugs that morning and in a fit of rage he murdered her son. She mentioned they disagreed on a selling price when the exchange went horribly downhill.

The son was beaten, stabbed and shot in the head. There was blood covering the wood floors and each wall in that room had blood splatter. The most intricate and difficult area of the cleanup was the brain matter on the floor. With scenes as gruesome as these, it’s extremely important to call a professional to cleanup. If you attempt to cleanup bodily fluids and blood you are potentially putting yourself and others at risk for health related issues.

Advanced Bio Treatment uses only advanced procedures and equipment. We have a full staff of trained individuals who know exactly what to do in all undesirable situations. We take a great amount of pride in our work and we go into every job with equality. We always wear protective gear and take all necessary precautions when cleaning, removing and disposing of bio hazardous waste.

If you need a crime scene cleanup please don’t hesitate to call us 800-295-1684 today.

We operate 24/7 because we understand and know that accidents, deaths, suicides can take place anytime of the day at any time of the year.