Blood Cleanup Services: Disinfection vs. Cleaning

If your home or business has been the scene of a crime, death, or accident that has left behind blood and/or other bodily fluids, you may be in a rush to simply wipe away the visible signs that the event took place. The health threats that these fluids pose are probably not among your first thoughts in the wake of such a traumatic experience, but as professional providers of blood cleanup services, we urge you to take time to understand the dangers that may be present. Merely cleaning up with normal household methods and products is not enough: To make the scene safe again for occupants, thorough disinfection and decontamination is imperative.

Here’s what you need to know about why it’s so important to take extensive measures when cleaning up blood and how Advanced Bio Treatment’s expert blood cleanup team can help.

Why professional blood clean up services are important.

There’s one reason to call an experienced blood cleanup company that stands above all others: Bodily fluids and blood can harbor lethal viruses, such as Hepatitis C and HIV. Because it’s impossible to identify what types of hazardous pathogens may be in blood or bodily fluids found at the scene, every precaution must be taken with the assumption that pathogens are present. Simple cleaning of visible blood, such as using household bleach and paper towels, is not enough to ensure that every trace of biohazards is being removed. According to the National Institutes of Health, pathogens can survive for months and remain a source of transmission if the area isn’t properly disinfected.

Our professional blood cleanup teams have extensive training in disinfecting a property where blood is present. Proper blood cleanup requires a wide range of skills and knowledge, including the ability to closely inspect the scene, accurately assess the hazards, use protective equipment, safely remove and dispose of waste, and much more. Advanced Bio Treatment technicians have this training and experience, and will ensure that your home or business is completely disinfected using EPA-rated disinfectants, and specialized equipment and methods.

Another important reason to leave blood cleanup to professionals is your peace of mind. It’s not only a very unpleasant physical task, but when it involves the death of someone you know or care about, or when an act of violence has taken place, cleaning up the scene can add a great deal of emotional stress to an already traumatic experience. Our blood cleanup technicians who are not only experts at their jobs, but who also use the utmost discretion and sensitivity in helping every Advanced Bio Treatment customer.

If there is blood at your home or business due to the commitment of a crime, another aspect of professional cleanup comes into play. A crime scene should not be disturbed until investigators have completed their work and given official notice that they’ve done so. Our crime scene cleanup team will coordinate with investigative agencies and ensure the crime scene can be entered and cleaned before beginning our work. In addition, if law enforcement has been involved, there may also be fingerprint dust, tear gas, or other materials left behind. These may also pose a threat to the health of the property’s occupants and must be thoroughly removed to return the scene to a safe condition.

Keep in mind that emergency responders, the police department, the fire department or other authorities do not perform any cleanup. The burden of cleaning up blood is entirely on the owner of the property.

Advanced Bio Treatment’s blood cleanup services.

While our blood cleanup technicians work quickly and efficiently, the length of time required to clean up depends upon a range of factors. In cases where the blood is limited to a very small area—and very little time has passed between the occurrence of the event and the arrival of a cleanup team—our cleanup process can be completed in a matter of hours. There are other circumstances, however, that may require multiple days of cleaning, such as the discovery of an unattended death. In this case, blood and bodily fluids may have had time to contaminate a large area, carrying airborne and bloodborne pathogens to flooring, furnishings, and walls. This situation may require the removal of a large number of items and materials. Advanced Bio Treatment technicians know where to locate hidden contamination and how to safely dispose of affected materials.

If you are faced with cleaning up blood, we urge you not to attempt the cleanup yourself. We’re here to keep you and your loved ones safe from the dangers of blood cleanup, and our live operators are standing by 24/7/365 to take your call. Please don’t hesitate to contact us online or call 800-295-1684 now.

Houston Foreclosure Cleanup Services

Most Houston foreclosed properties are in fair-to-good condition, but some homeowners who couldn’t afford to meet their monthly mortgage obligations also may not have had the resources for maintenance or upkeep on their homes. In our experience as foreclosure cleanup service providers, we’ve often cleaned homes where the owners left quickly without taking all of their belongings or cleaning up, and some where owners even caused intentional damage. A home that has sat empty for a long period of time will not only begin to deteriorate; it may have been vandalized as well.

The foreclosure cleanup teams at Advanced Bio Treatment have worked with investors, banks, real estate companies, and private property buyers. Regardless of the condition of a foreclosed home, we have the training and experience to clean out, decontaminate, and return properties to a habitable state.

Our Houston residential foreclosure cleanout services.

Some foreclosed homes can have damage that worsens over time. Our technicians have cleaned properties where a minor roof leak became major damage, leaving the home with a serious mold and mildew problem. We’ve also dealt with excessive, sometimes dangerous filth, such as walls and floors smeared with excrement. We have even been called on to clean foreclosed homes where a death or crime scene has occurred.

In short, the cleanup professionals at Advanced Bio Treatment provide comprehensive cleanup services and can safely handle the most difficult environments and challenging circumstances. These include:

Hoarding cleanup: Some compulsive hoarders are forced to vacate their homes quickly, leaving sometimes unimaginable trash, filth and waste behind. In the worst cases, the hoarder may have even died in his or her home and gone undiscovered for a period of time. Hoarding environments are often unsafe, both from a health and a structural standpoint. Our professional hoarding cleanup teams have the training, experience, products and methods to eliminate the hoard and return the property to a safe condition.

Crime scene cleanup: A wide range of events and circumstances can result in the need for crime scene cleanup. When a foreclosed home was the scene of a crime, there may be blood, bodily fluids, fingerprint dust, tear gas residue, and biohazards present. If you have a foreclosed home where a homicide or other violent event occurred, our Houston crime scene cleaning team will clean and disinfect the property and eliminate all contamination.

Death cleanup: When someone has died in a foreclosed home, having skilled cleanup technicians come in to manage the scene is critical. In the case of an unattended death, the situation is even more serious, since bodily fluids and blood will often continue to spread in the days following the death, contaminating more and more materials and underlying structures. Advanced Bio Treatment’s death cleanup teams use only the most effective protocols to return death scenes to a state that’s clean and safe for re-occupancy, and we follow all OSHA and EPA regulations and guidelines

Contact our Houston foreclosure cleaning professionals.

We have live operators ready to take your call any time of day, every day of the year. If you are responsible for having a foreclosed home cleaned, our professional foreclosure cleanup teams are ready to take the task off of your hands. Please contact us online or call us at 800-296-1684 for a free, no-obligation estimate.