Accident and Trauma Cleanup in Philadelphia, PA

Cleaning up the scene where an accident or other traumatic event has occurred isn’t only a terribly distressing task—it may also be an extremely dangerous one. Ensuring that the scene is thoroughly decontaminated and made safe again for occupants requires specialized products and equipment, plus an experienced and well-trained team of technicians. The Philadelphia accident and […]

Accident/Trauma Cleanup

Accident and Trauma Cleanup Our experienced cleanup experts are here to help. Get your free quote Professional. Compassionate. At Your Service. No matter what time of day or night, the Advanced Bio Treatment team is available to take care of your needs. When you’ve experienced a traumatic event, our death cleanup experts will make your […]

Typical Autumn Chores and Typical Serious Accidents

Typical Autumn Chores and Typical Serious Accidents Autumn is rapidly approaching and with it come the typical seasonal chores of cleaning gutters and roofs, especially in our more northerly communities that have a lot of deciduous trees. Our experience responding to and cleaning up accident sites has taught us that some seasonal chores should be […]

Accidental Death Scene Becomes Crime Scene Cleanup Mystery

In our business, the true details of a crime scene cleanup job don’t always match what is initially reported to us. The person making the call may be hysterical, grief-stricken, embarrassed, or misinformed about the crime scene. This often times results in the client giving us details that range from incomplete to completely inaccurate. What […]