How Much Does Crime Scene Cleanup Cost?

When a violent crime happens, the damage that it leaves behinds can impact many people, both physically and psychologically. One aspect that many do not think about is the mess that a violent crime leaves behind. The victims of a...

When Do I Need Death Cleaning Services?

Death is a part of life. It is a difficult time to manage for the people that are left behind when someone dies. Making all the arrangements is not easy and many do not realize all the things they need...

Crime Scene Cleanup & Recovery Guide for Houston

Most people only know about what a crime scene looks like from what they have seen on television or in movies. What they don’t realize is that in real life, a crime scene is much different. The television and movies...

Crime Scene Cleanup & Recovery Guide for Tampa

The reality of crime scene cleanup is rarely something with which people are familiar with. When they are faced with the cleanup of what remains at the scene after law enforcement has completed their job, the disruption and emotional upheaval...

What Are the Health Risks of Cleaning up a Death Scene?

The death of a loved one is never an easy process. Even under the best of circumstances, the concerns and emotions that death causes can be difficult to work through. It is extremely important to understand that cleaning up the...

Crime Scene Cleanup & Recovery Guide in Baltimore

Not many people know that the responsibility of cleaning up a crime scene falls on the shoulders of the owner of the home or place of business where the scene of the crime took place. Most assume that the police...

How Do I Safely Clean Up Blood?

When you are suddenly faced with a traumatic event involving violence or death, after the investigators or law enforcement have completed their work you are likely to be left with blood and other bodily fluid that must be safely cleaned....

Crime Scene Cleanup & Recovery Guide in Atlanta

Few people who face crime scene recovery in their Atlanta home or business are prepared for the emotional stress and disruption it involves. When your family’s home or your company’s property has become the scene of a crime, it’s helpful...

How Do You Remove Death or Decomposition Odor?

Decomposition odors can be overwhelming. Organic material begins to decompose right after death, so what you can do depends upon when you can get into the space. If the area is part of an active crime scene, you can’t do...

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