Baltimore Burglary

If a horrifying event such as a violent crime is committed in your home you need a crime scene clean up company. This is more than just a luxury, this should be a necessity. You shouldn't subject yourself to the...

Suicide of an Addict

It all started with a painkiller. J. Doe had suffered a knee injury and surgery didn’t seem to get rid of the pain. Doctors prescribed Oxycontin and countless other pain pills which did knock the pain but after awhile he...

Woman Stabs Raging Lover In Atlanta, GA

A group of girlfriends from Atlanta, GA get together once a month to gossip, drink, have dinner and laugh together.  A tradition they started since graduating high school. One of the women, Jane, had dated several guys but wasn't really...

Baltimore Triple Murder

Baltimore was enjoying a murder-free weekend until police were called due to shots being heard in a rundown neighborhood. The police arrived to find a very small home completely trashed and covered in blood with three bodies discovered. It was...

Home Birth Cleanup In Tampa

In terms of accident cleanup or trauma site remediation, the involvement of a professional cleaning service is crucial. This can not be overstated. Whether it is a personal injury, traffic accident, an accidental death, or an industrial accident, the situation...

Death Cleanup in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Car Lift Collapses and Kills Mechanic - Death Cleanup Most of us don't think much of dropping our cars off at the local car mechanic or car dealership for an oil change or repair.  It's all routine for the mechanics...

Unattended Death In D.C.

Attempting to clean the aftermath of an accident, murder or unattended death can be extremely dangerous to one's health, not to mention traumatic to behold. Often when a family tries to do the cleaning themselves they find that they are...

Maggots Clue To Atlanta Man’s Demise

Unattended death is another difficult situation for families to deal with. This Atlanta man’s body had been laying for nearly two weeks from the coroner’s estimation, maybe longer. Once a body starts to decompose there are stages that happen that...

Jacksonville Tragedy

Jacksonville Tragedy Suicide Cleanup: There had been a lot of partying the weekend that Jane D. shot herself in the head. From the looks of the room, there had been several people drinking heavy and snorting cocaine in the new...

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