Elderly people who live alone and do not have friends or family members who check on them regularly often become the victim of an unattended death. In such cases, the body is not found for weeks or even months. Overdose, self-destruction, murders, and unplanned deaths are called unattended deaths.
An unattended death scene requires specialized cleaning and restoration. Airborne pathogens circulate, and harmful bacteria unleashes during the decomposition process of the dead person’s body. You should never risk your health by attempting to clean the unattended death area on your own. It’s advisable to call a professional clean up service having the expertise and training to clean up any unattended death scene.
If you ever confront these circumstances, here are five mistakes you should avoid:

Never Clean The Unattended Death Scene Yourself

It is important to clean up the unattended death scene carefully. Decomposing bodies might release bloodborne pathogens that can be a huge threat to the health and well-being of other family members. Sometimes the contaminated furniture and wooden items have to be completely eliminated from the death scene to ensure proper cleaning. It’s always preferable to opt for an effective and professional clean up service that will ensure proper cleaning and disinfection of the death scene.

Never Expect That Household Cleaning Items Can Do Proper Cleanup

Don’t expect that your household cleaning items can appropriately disintegrate or decompose body liquids. For cleaning of such hazardous fluids, professional products are required. Our Advanced Bio Treatment professionals have practical experience in death cleanup and know what to do in such situations.

Never Underestimate Your Mental Health

The death of a close family member or friend is an extremely traumatic experience. It’s very important to remain calm and mentally healthy in such complex situations.

Don’t Expect That decomposition Smell Will Fade After Some Time

Odors from decomposition will not go easily, and in many cases, it needs to be addressed by using special solvent and equipment. It is advisable not to use products like room sprays. One of the biggest mistakes people make is to hire unqualified janitorial cleaning services.

Don’t hire an unqualified biohazard cleaning

If you hire an unqualified death clean up company, then the chances are that you might notice a death odor after the cleaning process is over. The body fluid or blood might run into attached fixtures such as a bathroom vanity or doorway, making your life miserable.
Advanced Bio Treatment not only restores your home but also your peace of mind. They have been offering death cleanup services to business owners and families for the last ten years.
Advanced Bio Treatment takes the utmost measures to clean and sanitize the death scene. We never reveal death scene details to the press or any other person. We deliver before and after pictures to our service providers for insurance purposes.
All of our professionals undergo training and assured quality checks. Advanced Bio Treatment is available 24 * 7 for delivering the best cleanup services. Call us now or visit our website

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