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We use the most modern products and techniques to remove the odor at its source, on the molecular level, so that you can reclaim the use of your property. Our urine and feces cleaning products will attack the urine, feces or other contaminates, and render them safe. We remove all traces of the urine, feces and odor problem and can even deal with the airborne infectious material that may be present as a result of birds, pets, other pests or rodents and contagious disease.

Many calls that we receive have nothing to do with death but rather the restoration of property that has been allowed to go to the dogs… literally.

A recent call to ABT, put out by a desperate landlord in the suburbs of Washington D.C., Hells Bottom to be exact, (coincidence? I think not!) involved a home that had a serious need for deep, extensive remediation to make the house inhabitable for people again. When we arrived at the brick house listed by the caller, it was obvious before we even stepped inside that the previous occupants had owned a fair number of animals.

It was a hot summer day in our nation’s capital, and the odor, not to mention the number of flies and fleas, was staggering. The yard, if you could call it that, was nothing more than a dusty, trash strewn patch of earth, with piles of dog feces, placed like lands mines, everywhere the eye could see.

Just part of ABT's job!Once inside, the smell was overpowering to say the least. Thank god for our masks. More dog droppings, some nearly petrified, covered the floors of the house. What surprised me was the amount of urine… soaked into the foundation and amazingly, about three feet up the dry wall. It was unbelievable.

We had to strip the house to its bare bones in many rooms then clean, sanitize and finally use an Ozone machine to deodorize the home on a molecular level. It was one of the worst cases of animal damage I have ever worked on… aside of course from the pets who are forced to eat their human after they pass unnoticed for some time. But that’s another story.

Even when a scene does not involve blood or decomposition of a body, other body functions like urine, feces or semen, as well as any cleanup including drug paraphernalia, should be attended by professionals with the knowledge, expertise and equipment like those at ABT only for the safety of all individuals involved. These cleanups are inherently dangerous due to the health risks posed by the various bio-hazardous material.

Do Not Attempt To Remediate a Scene Yourself! Call ABT NOW!ABT cleans up properly after unattended deaths; call today

ABT will walk you through the process and work with your insurance company to find the right cleanup procedure for you and your property. We are EPA and OSHA certified and guarantee to exceed not only your insurance company’s standards but yours as well. Bio-hazardous cleanups can be very overwhelming for many people, but you are not alone and we are here to do the dirty work for you. We don’t just restore properties… We restore your life.

Many questions came to my mind as we worked this case. Who were these people who had allowed their dogs to destroy their home so completely? During the process of cleaning, we discovered a clue… in an old garage behind the home we found a ply wood ring, commonly used to fight dogs inside, smeared with the blood of an untold number of dogs. In the corner of the structure sat a pile of thick, steel chains, some with massive locks still attached… and tufts of fur. The hardest blow came when I decided to look behind the garage and found the remains of at least five dogs, two almost mummified. Images like those are difficult to come to terms with because in my mind, anyone who abuses animals or children deserve a special place in Hell (told you the town of Hell’s Bottom was no coincidence!). I am consoled, however, to have since learned that after the conclusion to our cleanup, and after we tipped off the police, that the former residents are being investigated for dog fighting activities. Hopefully, they will get their just desserts sooner than later. Until then, give your dog a hug… and potty break outside!

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