Fall Turkey Hunt Turned Trauma Cleanup

“Fowl Play”

Anyone with in-laws can related to the pressure of winning them over early in marriage or even when you were just dating. It can be a challenge, but most would agree that laying a good foundation with your spouse’s parents is a major key to a healthy and happy marriage. Johnny called Advanced Bio Treatment late last fall after his attempt to bond with his new father-in-law ended disastrously.

Johnny and Mr. Slater were headed out for a fall turkey hunt and if things went well they’d bring home the main course just in time for Thanksgiving. Johnny had known for the past few weeks that this was going to be his opportunity to prove himself to Mr. Slater, so he’d already been to the hunting grounds and scoped out where they’d go this morning; as a demonstration of a sure kill. He’d even purchased the orange alert band. A bright orange cloth to wrap around their turkey alerting other hunters so that no one shoots at the turkey while they carry it. Mr. Slater was actually quite prepared too, with thick seat covers and even a special disposable liner for the bed of his new truck, both of which would come in handy, for all the wrong reasons.

It was a long fall morning that proved much less interesting than the spring turkey hunts Johnny had been on before. Hours went by with little excitement, but that all ended when three toms came into sight.

It all happened in an instant; I pulled the trigger and the next thing I know, Mr. Slater is screaming and hollering. I had to put him over my shoulder and drag him through the woods back to the truck

It wasn’t until Johnny pulled Mr. Slater into the passenger side of the cab that he realized the wound was to Mr. Slater’s left shoulder. There wasn’t any cellular service, so Johnny tore off back to the main road with all their gear spilling out into the road through the open tailgate.

Trauma Cleanup Services

There was blood all over me from carrying him and it got everywhere in the truck fast. I had to use my alert cloth to wipe the windshield from where I’d pulled him in just so I could see the road. It was spread all over us and smeared around every inch of that truck. I didn’t even think of it until Mr. Slater was about to come home from the hospital, but that truck was a mess, and it sat in the hospital parking lot for three days like that.

In was a gruesome sight when Johnny opened the truck door three days later as he and his family were preparing to take Mr. Slater home from the hospital.

I was really in a panic. Our turkey hunting trip was a failure, I accidentally shot my father-in-law, and now his brand new truck was basically destroyed.

Johnny needed professional trauma scene cleaning service to get his father-in-law’s truck back to clean condition. Cleaning blood and trauma cleanup are just two of the many types of professional cleaning services that Advanced Bio Treatment offers. I thought of bringing it to a car dealership to be cleaned up, but it smelled like something had died in the cab of that truck. The blood was all gummed up and had run down in the cracks between the seat and even pushed down in the controls of the dash. This really was a trauma cleanup scene, due to the time that had passed.

Johnny called Advanced Bio Treatment and was able to get a trauma scene cleaning technician that he needed to get the truck back in clean condition, all before Mr. Slater was discharged from the hospital. I was a little nervous helping him into the truck. I mean I’d seen how amazing the cab looked after Advanced Bio Treatment finished, and it even smelled like a new truck again. But I’d already screwed up so much that I really needed his truck to be perfect. As I ran around the truck to jump in Mr. Slater yelled at me as I was climbing:

Boy don’t you get in my new truck with those dirty boots

Those words were music to my ears!

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