Wood Chipper Trauma Cleanup

Mitchell and Carlos had been with Mac Daddy Trees for over almost a year when the horrific Trauma Cleanup accident happened.  Together with a crew of other workers, they’d taken a hundred large trees down on a plot of land in preparation for the  development of a neighborhood in Pembroke Pines, Florida.  They were working on grinding the tree trunks up in an industrial wood chipper and were almost half way done when Carlos went around the machine, turned back around, and noticed that Mitchell had suddenly disappeared.  It wasn’t immediately obvious what had happened until the faint screams of another worker became audible.  Running towards them, the worker was waiving his arms frantically and then fell to his knees, and that’s when Carlos hit the emergency shut-off.  The distraught worker had seen it all, and was able to communicate by pointing and speaking between gasping for air that he saw Mitchell fall into the chipper.  It was an unimaginable trauma scene, and it was then that the entire crew saw the blood splatter and chunks of flesh scattered about the shredded wood pile in the bed of the 18-wheeler.  Mitchell’s body had been pulled completely through the machine, instantly killing him.

There are no minor accidents when it comes to mishaps with a wood chipper, especially ones that have large openings intended for whole-tree shredding.  Workers are typically trained how to operate this type of machinery and how to avoid accidents, but there are still occasionally tragic errors or mistakes made that result in a fatality.  An investigation determined that Mitchell’s clothes were likely snagged or that a small attached branch quickly drug him into the wood chipper.  There was also the possibility that he’d tripped and fallen in or that he was standing on the machinery and simply fell.

Blood Cleanup  and Biohazard Cleanup in the Workplace

By the time Advanced Bio Treatment arrived to conduct the trauma cleanup, the recognizable remains of Mitchell had been removed, but a tremendous about of human flesh and blood was present throughout the machinery and mixed in with the wood chips.  Our technicians worked with great professionalism and compassion to contain all of the biohazard remnants, packaging large sections of the wood chips into biohazard containers to be disposed of properly.  Advanced Bio Treatment’s team had to disassemble the wood chipper in order to completely clean and disinfect all the parts.  Even though  workers don’t come into contact with the interior of the machinery, people often come into contact with the wood that travels through.  It is essential to ensure that none of the wood chips become contaminated with blood due to the risk of infectious disease transmission.

We here at Advanced Bio Treatment are proud to serve the community of Pembroke Pines, Florida in their time of need.  When you find yourself or your business in the midst of a traumatic situation that warrants professional trauma cleanup services, or accident cleanup, or biohazard waste cleanup and removal, call on Advanced bio Treatment at 1-800-295-1684 any day of the year, any time of the day or night.

Ted Pelot Owner & President of Crime Scene Cleanup Company - Advanced Bio-Treatment