Often when we go out on a job, we find a situation with severe contamination from animals.

Usually, it’s multiple dogs and cats that are kept by someone in an unsanitary and hazardous area. We find dead animals along with very thick layers of feces and other nastiness. Cleanup and odor remediation in this kind of place can only be successfully and safely done by professionals like us.

A few years ago, we were called to clean up and decontaminate an isolated rural property in Florida after a woman was arrested for hoarding animals by keeping 87 dogs, about 35 cats, and several horses in terrible conditions.

One charge against her was animal cruelty and neglet, but she stubbornly claimed that she was running a “rescue” operation. Local officials, however, said she had no credentials or licenses to house the animals.

As we came up the driveway through the trees in our truck, we could smell this mess before we could see it.

The woman who lived there told officials that she loved the animals, and didn’t want them to have to fend for themselves and possibly die.

But many of them died anyway. Several dead dogs were rotting outside in the fenced-in “kennel” area, and one was found dead inside the house itself, under a pile of debris. We also found three dead cats inside the house. All the live animals were gone when we arrived, but we learned that they were mostly on the verge of starvation.

The animals could come and go through pet doors and through a broken panel in the bottom of the back door. Feces had piled up and were hardened onto the floors throughout the house, along with animal hair and urine. Blood was splattered on walls from animal wounds. And naturally, the house was severely infested with fleas.

Sometimes a property like this is condemned – but if not, our professionals will remove the debris, and clean up the hazards and contaminants. We can do the cleanup at any accident or crime scene.

Whether there is severe contamination from animals, or hazardous chemicals from a meth lab – Advanced Bio Treatment professionals will remediate all odors and dispose of any hazards safely so that the property is restored to a healthy and safe condition.

Ted Pelot Owner & President of Crime Scene Cleanup Company - Advanced Bio-Treatment