Strange And Puzzling Scenes – Crime Scene Cleanup

We have been called to southern Alabama, just south of Montgomery for a bizarre scene.

I hear about devil worshipers, satanists and other cults that sacrifice animals but I had never actually come across one for real.

This smelly run down building had been used for ritualistic animal sacrifices. For some reason this had been going on for months before finally authorities came in and shut them down.

They left animal skeletons behind in the outside fire pits where they had been burned. On the inside of the building there were bloody scenes like the one above where they had actually killed the animals and some of them drank the blood. The blood was also smeared on the walls.

It was strange. Maybe they combined drugs with their sacrificial rituals or something because this was just weird.

Its not my job to judge these people but I am thankful that they have been stopped. Who know where they found the animals they used for their rituals. You know sometimes you see signs offering rewards for missing dogs and cats???

Makes You Wonder

We have some real animal lovers in our crew. Just the thought of this type of thing makes all of us a bit uncomfortable. It is amazing how we see the remains of humans and we deal with it and then we see animals like this and its another reaction all together.

All I know there are some disgusting people out there who really don’t have any regard for the lives of others, nor for the lives of helpless animals.

The entire building has to be cleaned from head to toe and fumigated. The odor of burnt animal flesh, fur and blood is utterly disgusting. DO NOT attempt this cleanup on your own, call the professionals. Seriously, even I am about to throw up for the second time today.

We will be here for quite awhile! I’m not sure what happened to the people that were performing the sacrifices. I don’t know if they were charged with anything or just made to stop.

Every day is a challenge as a cleanup technician. We never know what horrific mess we will encounter next. I just keep my mind on finishing the job and restoring everything back to normal. Its a challenge and its a job that continues to be steady employment. In this economy thats a good thing.

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