If a horrifying event such as a violent crime is committed in your home you need a crime scene clean up company.

This is more than just a luxury, this should be a necessity. You shouldn’t subject yourself to the emotional torment of being face-to-face with the aftermath of such an incident plus you shouldn’t expose yourself to the hidden dangers that lurk in bodily fluids and tissues. You need someone in your corner to help you through such a difficult ordeal and we’re here to help.

Just like this caller in Baltimore needed our help, we’re here to help you.

A middle-aged woman contacted us about cleaning her mother’s house after a horrific assault. Moms rule the world, they’re fantastic. I love mine dearly so this struck a cord deep within me. We grabbed our tools and made our way to Baltimore, double time. We had to help. I couldn’t imagine something so terrible happening to my mom, I felt I had to do my best work to make this better for her even if it was just making sure you couldn’t tell this happened in the home.

The drive there was pleasant enough despite not knowing what atrocities could await us. We went through some of the older neighborhoods right outside of Baltimore until we reached our destination. Arriving at this lovely little home, we were met by the caller and directed into the house where the unspeakable had happened.

Walking through the home, we came upon the master bedroom. Immediately our eyes were caught by the enormous puddle of blood that had stained the otherwise gorgeous wooden floors. It seems someone made an attempt to clean up as we had also spotted a bunch of crimson colored paper towels wadded up near the mess.

Like a well oiled machine we got to work, restoring the home of this family’s matriarch. During a lull in the work I had the chance to talk to the daughter some more. I had politely inquired as to what had happened. I could see the daughter seize up a bit but she regained her composure and explained that her mother was the victim of a random home invasion by a drug addict.

Her assailant had kicked in the door and stormed through the house looking for anything of value that he could sell or any medications he could take to get high. Once he had found out that his felonious actions would have no payout he grabbed a bottle of Brandy he had found, chugged as much as he could and then grabbed a kitchen knife and proceeded to unleash his frustrations on the homeowner.

Not wanting to leave a witness he kept up his attack until he thought she was dead and ran from the house. Little did he know that the victim he chose this night was a fighter. She was able to call for help from her medical pendant. Not only did the paramedics reach her in time but the police were able to catch her attacker just a block away as he was trying to break into another home.

Throughout this whole job I kept thinking how much blood there was and how nobody would be able to survive after losing that much. Turns out that not only did her mother survive, but her fighting instincts may have helped save someone else’s life that night. Knowing that made it even more imperative that we remove every and any trace of such a tragic ordeal so she wouldn’t be confronted with it on a daily basis.

We finished the job and could see the look of relief on the daughter’s face. A small sense of peace knowing that her mother would be able to heal emotionally as well as physically. We found out later that not only did her mother fully recover but she’s living in the home again and happy but now has a roommate, Bruno. A massive German Shepherd. Too bad all of our jobs don’t have that kind of ending.

We do what we do to protect you and your family from the dangers that can’t always be seen at a crime scene in Baltimore. Not only is there blood or tissue to clean up but there’s also the hidden dangers that lurk in them. There also could be the issue of a firearm discharge or possible police response whether that is tear gas deployed during a crime or fingerprint dust after a crime. We are fully trained to remove any trace of what happened so you can move on with your life.

If you need guidance or have questions about what your insurance covers feel free to call Advanced Bio Treatment at 800-295-1684. Our services are available all day, every day. Tragedy doesn’t take a day off so we’re always ready to be in your corner when you need it.

Ted Pelot Owner & President of Crime Scene Cleanup Company - Advanced Bio-Treatment