Baltimore was enjoying a murder-free weekend until police were called due to shots being heard in a rundown neighborhood.

The police arrived to find a very small home completely trashed and covered in blood with three bodies discovered. It was a messy and dangerous scene. Once the police and coroner completed their jobs by investigating and removing the bodies we were called in to take care of the dirty job. Our job isn’t everyone’s dream but we take an enormous amount of pride with us on every job. With this particular scene we knew it was going to be a big job and we needed a lot of equipment and manpower to effectively work through it.

When we arrived to the home we met up with a couple family members of the deceased men. Apparently the home was owned by one of the men who had been murdered that morning. The wife was there to explain that they had been renting out the home to a couple of his close friends when all of this occurred. She mentioned that her husband has always been involved with drugs and violence so this wasn’t shocking to her. She still was extremely emotional and overwhelmed with everything that she has to cope with after his murder. Advanced Bio Treatment respects the families wishes and concerns. We understand the difficult time the family members face when one of their loved ones is suddenly taken from them unexpectedly.

We made our way through the home carefully room by room. Each room was empty other than the living and dining area. There wasn’t any furniture in the entire home. The only remotely close item to furniture was blinds. The home was solely used as a hangout spot for him and his friends. She explained that no one actually lived there that they used the home to plot crimes they were planning on committing. She had wanted to get out of this unhealthy relationship for a long time but always was too worried about her violent husbands actions. Since the murders had just taken place that morning the home still smelled of fresh blood. One of the men was in the kitchen when he was shot from behind because there was a lot of blood splatter on the stove, sink and tile floors. The living room where the other two men were murdered was covered in puddles of blood and what appeared to be smears and drag marks all through out the floor.

The entire house was tile so it was fairly easy for us to disinfect and remove all traces of blood versus having to remove carpet.

The kitchen was a much more difficult mess to clean compared to the tile floors in the living room. We had to carefully remove all items damaged by blood splatter. We decided it was safer to just dispose of any biohazardous waste to eliminate any health related risks. If you attempt to clean up a homicide scene you are potentially putting yourself at risk for deadly diseases and you could cause respiratory issues from bacteria in the air.

Advanced Bio Treatment is a professional crime scene cleanup company who only uses advanced equipment and cleaners. We wear protective gear at all times while we are on the job. We do this on a daily basis and will help work with your insurance company and funeral arrangements. Give us a call 24/7 with any guidance or questions you may have.


Ted Pelot Owner & President of Crime Scene Cleanup Company - Advanced Bio-Treatment