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“The Porta-Potty Pool Predicament”

It’s that time of year again when we’re all scrambling to get ready for hosting a big Thanksgiving dinner and possibly welcoming out-of-town family and guests. It seems that there’s always a hiccup or some unexpected obstacle when it’s most inconvenient, and that was certainly the case for the Garner family, to say the least, last Thanksgiving. With Mrs. Garner’s permission, we’ll share her holiday disaster story from which we are privileged to have rescued her.

On the most mouth-watering holiday of the year, the most unappetizing event imaginable occurred at the Garner home. It was the morning before Thanksgiving, and Mrs. Garner was returning home from the grocery store with a carload of groceries and her coffee in hand ready to tackle the chopping, washing, and prepping of all the casseroles she’d been dreaming of for the past two weeks. She and her family had moved in almost 6 months prior to the holiday, but her pool construction had been delayed.

On this day however, she had been assured that her backyard would be cleaned up for the holiday and construction would resume after Thanksgiving and be completed before Christmas. It was just as she was setting an armload of bags on her kitchen island when a soaking wet contractor lightly tapped on her French doors leading out to the pool. It was unusual for the workers to interrupt her; they’d been there for weeks and had temporary restroom facilities on site.

Oddly, it was the first thing I noticed when I glanced at him through the door, that the Porta-Potty was gone. In that second of relief that the construction was in fact being cleaned up, I saw it. It was upside down practically; flipped over into our pool.

Major Biohazard Waste Disposal

In a panic she fumbled with the door to open it and over the course of the next few minutes learned that this wasn’t going to be a funny story to share with family tomorrow. This was a major biohazard unfolding in her swimming pool. Mrs. Garner watched in disbelief as the workers drained her pool. She stood helplessly as the water level dropped leaving human waste and clumps of toilet paper plastered around the walls of her pool, her brand new, perfectly unused pool.   How could this possibly be resolved? She imagined tractors ripping out cement, months of mud and dirt, her children’s spirits crushed with disappointment.

And then it hit me. I had 9 family members arriving in ten hours! I couldn’t stand there and do nothing. I did a quick search for, well, not a recipe or ingredient, but for: “human waste cleaning service”.

Browsing through the results I knew that I couldn’t handle anything less than speedy professionalism. Then on my third click, I found Advanced Bio Treatment.” Within an hour we knocked on the Garner family’s door, and remediation began within that same hour.  By the time the out-of town guests arrived, Advanced Bio Treatment had completed the biohazard waste cleanup job and no evidence of the Porta-Potty occurrence existed. When we followed up with Mrs. Garner the following week, she expressed such gratitude and when ask what she was happiest about, she told us that

Advanced Bio Treatment took a Thanksgiving nightmare and turned back time. My fears of bacteria, contamination, filth, they were literally wiped away, and we were left as good as new.


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Ted Pelot Owner & President of Crime Scene Cleanup Company - Advanced Bio-Treatment