Infectious Disease Control in the Workplace

“Metaphorically and Literally”

Infectious Disease: We’ve all had to complete tasks at work that are less than exciting and sometimes downright dreadful, like tedious report writing or reprimanding a subordinate. Sometimes, however, the backlash of a job poorly done can be our worst nightmare.

April had the unsavory duty of firing an employee the Friday before Labor Day weekend this year. She’d been dreading it and had the intention of dismissing the employee at lunchtime and having someone in HR walk him out along with all of his personal belongings to minimize distraction and unnecessary drama in the workplace.

Things went remarkably smooth. The employee left peacefully and seemingly with professional charm, leaving April relieved, unfortunately to a fault. The events that would lead up to April needing Advanced Bio Treatment’s services the following Tuesday morning all began with her forgetting to follow up with HR to ensure that the dismissed employee’s key FOB was disabled.

It didn’t click as I walked up to the office building and there was plastic wrap and Styrofoam scattered around the parking lot.  I was on my cell and it didn’t realize that there were dozens of ground beef packages everywhere. But when I walked through the glass doors into the lobby, the odor was ghastly. I mean the smell flooded out of the entrance so quickly that others in the parking lot were covering their noses and mouths.

Biohazard Waste Pick Up

April immediately called Advanced Bio Treatment to assess the situation and determine the source of the unbearable odor. Our technicians were prepared to address issues such as e. coli treatment, biohazard waste pick up, and infectious disease prevention and control. All of which were concerns in the office building that morning. Our technicians arrived quickly and discovered that there were mounds of rotting ground beef stuffed inside the elevator vents of each of the three elevators. The meat already began decomposing and had oozed down resulting in the initiation of an emergency decontamination service throughout the entire building.

Salmonella Removal and E. Coli Prevention

After the police reviewed the surveillance video and the building access files were reviewed, it was clear that this was a case of disgruntled employee revenge. Advanced Bio Treatment technicians are thoroughly trained and certified in the most advanced biohazard cleaning methods. It’s no easy task, but our technicians can remove decomposing material, such as ground beef in this case, and decontaminate all affected areas. In most cases, insects are drawn to the odors released from decomposing flesh, and some such as flies, will lay their eggs in the decay in order to provide the larvae with food. Often maggots will become scattered depending on the nature of the decomposition, carrying deadly bacteria with them. Advanced Bio Treatment can ensure the elimination of salmonella enteric and Escherichia coli, both of which were likely present and rampant throughout the office.

After that experience, I thought that the building would be condemned,” April laughs, “But when we returned to the office later that week after Advanced Bio Treatment had finished the biohazard waste pick up and meticulously treated our building for infectious disease control and prevention, there was nothing left to worry about other than catching up on work. And yes, I worked a few extra hours to ensure that immediately disabling terminated employee key FOBs is standard protocol for all departments!

If you find yourself in need of a biohazard waste pick up or emergency decontamination service in your home, on your property, or in your place of business, call Advanced Bio Treatment 24-hours a day at 1-800-295-1684 for a confidential consultation and immediate, professional service.

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Ted Pelot Owner & President of Crime Scene Cleanup Company - Advanced Bio-Treatment