Potty Break Anyone?

Today was a blood bath. I don’t think I have cleaned such a gory, blood spattered scene before. Dexter (from Showtime) would love this! Very sad this individual did not value his life enough and shot himself in the head by the toilet where I found some chunks of the brain. Seriously folks, suicide clean up is a situation nobody truly wants to deal with, especially the loved ones or family.

Advanced Bio Treatment offers Suicide Support Resources with suicide cleanup guidance or advice for those not sure what to do. Of all the questions that you have to deal with, one of them should not be what to do about the cleaning of the affected area.

What’s Involved in Suicide Cleanup?

Many people may wonder where you start or what you do for a suicide clean-up. First thing, call our highly trained staff to steer you in the right direction. Then it is up to us to finish the job. Suicide cleanup involves the removal and cleaning or disposal of items that have been contaminated with body fluids, blood, or tissue matter. If a firearm is used, as in this particular clean up, there is often as much biohazardous material that you cannot see as there is that is visible. But do not worry, you can trust our certified scene cleanup teams to do a thorough job while abiding by OSHA regulations.

After I slip on my suit, gloves, and mask it is as if I was participating in a treasure hunt… for blood. As I mentioned, the bloody bath started by the toilet with chunks of brain and coagulated blood and just kept going and going like the Energizer bunny! This scene needed scrubbed and decontaminated from ceiling to floor!

As I mentioned, there is often as much you cannot see, which guys like me are good at locating. The body was found in the middle of the floor so, as you can imagine, the trail of blood was pretty extensive. This suicide was messy and required very detailed clean-up from myself and my crew.

If you ever find yourself or a loved one in need of suicide clean-up and decontamination guidance, you have questions about your payment options, which clean up and decon procedures your current insurance policy covers, or require our crime scene cleanup services immediately, don’t hesitate to give Advanced Bio Treatment a call at: 800-706-1420 or e-mail us at info@advancedbio-treatment.com.

Should you be in one of the few states, besides Tennessee, that have certification requirements, ABT will acquire those certifications prior to any decontamination work.




Ted Pelot Owner & President of Crime Scene Cleanup Company - Advanced Bio-Treatment