Blood Cleanup Atlanta: A Shopping Nightmare

Shopping involves some obvious obstacles and frustrations: parking, getting the best bargain, waiting in line, avoiding impulse purchasing while waiting in line, et cetera, et cetera.  But most of us aren’t actively watching out for danger and hazardous situations as we stroll the isles of a store.  Carmella certainly wasn’t thinking about what dangers lurked around the endcap when she was shopping at a large retail store in metro-Atlanta one Monday morning.  There was just 30 minutes left before the 10% senior discount expired when she slipped, she remembers,

My first thought was that I had to get myself up and to the register to check out or I’d not be eligible for my discount!

Carmella had slipped in a puddle of water presumably from a spilled child’s cup in another shopper’s stroller.  It was much more than an embarrassing stumble, however, and Carmella became quickly aware of this when other shoppers and several employees ran towards her with towels, one shopper frantically dialing on her phone and another employee screaming out in distress for help.  Carmella had hit her head on the edge of a metal shelf and overturned her shopping cart across her legs in an attempt to break her fall.

There was quite a bit of blood I remember, and I felt so sorry for this one young man who slipped in it trying to put a roll of paper towel under my neck to keep me still.

The blood wasn’t just coming from Carmella’s forehead, which required more than 20 stitches to close, but also from her legs, one of which was fractured with exposed bone.  The Smyrna Police Department and paramedics arrived promptly and advised the store manager to seek help in the cleanup due to the extensive blood spill and the fact that the blood had seeped under several shelving units, into the concrete flooring and nearby carpeting, and had been scattered by so many helping hands onto much of the nearby merchandise.

Atlanta Blood Cleanup: A Job Best Left to the Professionals

Blood cleanup in Atlanta is a serious matter because of the potential spread of infectious disease and bacterial growth, so it is always recommended that professional help is sought in dealing with cleaning up blood body fluids and other body fluids remaining from a trauma scene, car accident, homicide, or suicide to ensure that all blood clean up procedures are met and exceeded.

At Advanced Bio Treatment, we provide industrial decontamination services while adhering to very specific and practiced precautions to avoid exposure to and transmission of infectious diseases such as hepatitis B, hepatitis C, and HIV, including specialized equipment that ensures the complete removal and decontamination of all exposed areas in addition to using devices with visual indicators of any remaining hazardous material that is invisible to the naked eye.

Carmella’s trauma scene involved extensive blood spill cleanup and biohazard cleanup, “but Advanced Bio Treatment responded very promptly,” according to the store manager, “and worked with such discretion and professionalism!  There was absolutely no doubt that our store was completely decontaminated of any evidence of the incident and sanitized to perfection.”  Advanced Bio Treatment is proud of the relationships built with business owners and families in Atlanta, Georgia and it’s surrounding areas.

Needless to say, it’s always the best idea to hire professionals well versed and well practiced in government and industry standards for your biohazard cleanup needs.  Advanced Bio Treatment is there when tragedy strikes, and we’re honored to offer our compassionate, professionally trained technicians to help you recover.

Ted Pelot Owner & President of Crime Scene Cleanup Company - Advanced Bio-Treatment