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It’s not unthinkable that an injury could be sustained during an aggressive moment between multiple competitive men sliding on ice and propelling a piece of vulcanized rubber at speeds in excess of 100 miles per hour.  Despite protective wear, major injuries occur regularly and even occasionally death in the sport of ice hockey.  Blood spills are a common sight, and even anxiously anticipated and hurrahed at ice hockey games.  The most common injuries are blows and cuts to the face, which can bleed heavily even from those that are non-life-threatening, but occasionally there are much more serious injuries that involve a blow to the eye from a puck or a laceration to the neck from an ice skate blade.

A Buffalo, New York ice hockey rink owner became a repeat client of Advanced Bio Treatment last year when he called a team of our technicians out to a gruesome site with an equally disturbing story.

It was an uneventful day and an uneventful game for the most part.  The worst part was that no one knew Trevor was even hurt until a woman burst out onto the ice screaming.  Only seconds had gone by in reality, but that mom’s eyes were on her son before anyone else saw the blood spewing out of his neck.

And there was a lot of blood.  Trevor lost almost 1/3 of his blood on the ice that day and was life-flighted out before our crew arrived.  Apparently, when the ice skate of a teammate clipped Trevor’s neck, Trevor was against an exit door and tried to get himself out almost immediately.  The blood on the door and ice weren’t obvious to others, but his mother came flying down the bleachers screaming, and in the process distracted others from Trevor’s emergency.  The blood poured into the players bench area as he fell through the door, and that’s where the medics met him and got the bleeding under control.

Blood Cleanup is What We Do 

The blood spill was tracked throughout the seating area and had seeped into the concrete below the matted flooring.  The blood on the ice was mostly contained but had seeped below the ice line between the sideboards and the rink.  Advanced Bio Treatment technicians were able to use specialized equipment to retrieve and remove the affected ice along with the rubber matting in the players bench area.  In addition, the concrete that had been exposed to blood was treated and decontaminated to assure that any bloodborne pathogens had been destroyed and removed from the trauma scene.

From a business owner’s perspective, after Trevor was in the hands of medical professionals reopening the rink was a top priority.  It was suddenly essential to contain and remediate the biohazards involved with Trevor’s blood loss so that the rink could reopen and offer its space to other players and teams.

I was amazed with the speed and attention to detail that Advanced Bio Treatment worked to help us open our doors back up.  We were able to leave the physical recovery of our rink in the hands of Advanced Bio Treatment while we planned a fundraising event for Trevor and his family in their time of need.

We at Advanced Bio Treatment understand that physically recovering your business or home from a traumatic event in a timely manner is a top priority so that life can begin to move forward without another detail to weigh you down.  Let us share our expertise in biohazard/blood cleanup recovery with you so that you can attend to what’s really important.  We’ll leave you with a  safe, recovered space so that you can get back to business as soon as you choose.  We’re here to serve families and businesses in Buffalo, New York, and all over the country, and we are committed to making sure we’re there for you to help you recover from the unexpected tragedies that we all must sometimes face.  Call us at 1-800-295-1684, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Ted Pelot Owner & President of Crime Scene Cleanup Company - Advanced Bio-Treatment