Our job doesn’t attempt to solve the crime nor do we investigate any scientific evidence.  We come in and do the job that isn’t made for everyone.

We have seen it all and cleaned it all from multiple murders, suicides and just down right freak accidents.  We have and will clean up all disgusting scenes.  This line of work is extremely unique and not made out for the faint heart that’s for sure.

You can’t have a weak stomach when it comes to our daily adventures.  At the same time we take a tremendous amount of pride in our craft and we enjoy making such a tragic situation into a less stressful one.  When we know that we can elevate some of sanity pushes us to keep doing what we do.

This particular day lead to a vicious murder scene clean up. We got the phone call to immediately make our way to an apartment in Oakland, California.

We were informed over the phone that a young man had been brutally beaten with a baseball bat over a drug deal that apparently went horribly wrong.  We don’t always get every single detail of the circumstances of the crime but we were informed that the man who had been beaten was attempting to steal drugs from the other man when he broke out into an angry fight with a baseball bat.  The man had no chance of survival in this situation.

Once we arrived on scene you could already see blood on the outside of the door and on the front steps.  That let us know what we might expect when we made our way inside.  Once we were in there, blood all over the front side of the home. The walls and the tiles were completely covered, and there were splatters on the ceiling and all over light switches. It was a very brutal and gory scene.

We brought with is our biohazard bins and protective clothing and gear. We made sure we completely disinfected everywhere that there was a trace of blood. We also bring with us an ozone machine that will remove any nasty odors left over in the air.

We enjoy knowing that we can make the world a little better place by doing what we do every day. It’s a very emotionally awarding job and we respect everyone involved and understand the situation. We will help you work with your insurance company and funeral arrangements.

Please don’t hesitate to call us 24/7 with any concerns or questions. If you need a crime scene clean up please click here for a quote.

Ted Pelot Owner & President of Crime Scene Cleanup Company - Advanced Bio-Treatment