A Cheater Caught and Killed

We were called to head back up north to an area just south of Baltimore, MD. These folks have had a weary winter, its been snow and ice here for several weeks. It’s pretty but I’m sure they are getting tired of it. Parts of the city were without power during this last blast of cold weather.

I have heard the weather can have an effect on people’s moods and that domestic problems increase when people are going through “cabin fever.” That might sound a little far fetched but I think its true. When you think about people spending day in and day out with each other when they aren’t used to it and maybe with no power, no television, no heat. You can imagine what that can do to their moods. Not that this justifies the kind of situation we are working on today, but these factors probably play a part.

John D’s body was torn up pretty bad by the multiple stabbings. His wife apparently lost it, so to speak. What led her to this moment we can’t say for sure. We heard some talk that he had been living a secret life and she had just discovered he was gay. We aren’t told details how she finds out, how long it has been going on,etc. She obviously didn’t take the news too well.

I can only imagine the shock that she was going through, it’s a hurtful thing anytime a person finds out their mate is cheating on them. To find out they are cheating on you with another man I would think would be much harder to deal with. Whatever the story is, the ending is here in front of us, a bloody mess that represents shattered hopes and dreams.

Why Do These Things Happen

It is important that no one attempt to clean up a crime scene that has not been professionally trained. Not only can the event be traumatic for friends and family but it can also be dangerous as well. Crime Scenes can be littered with biohazards such as HIV/AIDS, MRSA, dangerous chemicals, or other hidden biohazards.

An example of hidden bio-hazards in an ABT cleanup


Advanced Bio Treatment has unique chemicals and equipment that  can deal with any crime scene or bio-hazard situation.



More hidden blood in ABT's crime scene



Our crime scene cleanup technicians are trained to handle all blood, body tissues, and bodily fluids and we can also deodorize any area if necessary. We are also thoroughly versed in all state and federal guidelines including OSHA regulations and API work safe guidelines.

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Ted Pelot Owner & President of Crime Scene Cleanup Company - Advanced Bio-Treatment