We hear a lot about high crime rates in bigger cities

It seems that crime rates are high in remote areas of the country. Corbin, KY, for example has a crime rating of 12, with 100 being the safest. This rating averages about 43 crimes per one thousand residents. I looked it up once because someone had made the comment to me that the murder rate was as high there as in Washington, D.C.
Its no surprise that we get a lot of calls to these smaller towns in the country.

Alexandria, TN was the home of this young man who was found bludgeoned to death in his home.

John D’s girlfriend found him after a couple of days of not hearing from him. He didn’t answer or return her phone calls or texts. She was in tears as she kept repeating over and over that she knew this was coming. She knew he had been involved with some less than desirable people who were involved in drugs and sex trafficking. The drug stories we hear all the time, but the sex trafficking isn’t as common.

Crime Is Just As Alive And Well In Small Town U.S.A.

According to John’s girlfriend they had been talking of getting married and he was feeling that he didn’t make enough money and was looking for ways to make quick money.

Next thing you know he was acting strange and evasive and now here he is found dead in a bloody scene like something out of a movie. Who would think these little farm towns have this much going on? Sure makes you stop and think. Can’t assume anywhere is safe these days.

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