A Brutal Unattended Death

John Doe, age 47, was found nearly two weeks after he died alone in his one bedroom Destin, Florida apartment.

A newcomer to the area, John had transferred to Destin from Montgomery, Alabama where he worked as a financial advisor for an investment firm. He had made a few new friends at work but none that were close enough to contact him on a daily basis.

John was a heavy smoker and used recreational drugs and alcohol as entertainment. He never enjoyed crowds so going out for drinks with coworkers or hanging at local strip clubs really wasn’t something he enjoyed.

Rather, he read a lot of mystery novels and played intensely violent video games, smoked pot and drank bourbon while he played. He had a few online gamers he would play with but they were randomly online they did not keep up with him on a daily basis.

John’s parents were divorced a couple of decades ago. His mother is in a nursing home in northern Alabama. John tried to visit her at least once every couple of months. She really couldn’t call him, he had to call her, which he did at least once a week. Even though she had missed his weekly call, there was little she could do to check up on him. His father travels and is often gone for months at a time, he rarely called John unless he needed a loan (which really meant a gift) as he did like to gamble and found himself in debt a lot and John had the means to bail him out.

John Was Considered a Success Financially.

He invested wisely over the years and had planned on settling down and buying a larger home near the beach in the next few years. He had met a few nice women in the area but nothing serious yet. His work was pretty demanding for the most part and that didn’t leave a lot of time for searching for dates.

John’s cough became worse as the days went on, he began to vomit blood and had trouble breathing.

John apparently died from complications from a severe bronchial pneumonia.

As With Many Unattended Deaths, There Was No One Around

John needed help and no one knew he died for nearly two weeks. Advanced Bio-Treatment professionals were called in when John’s landlord discovered him. John had not answered the door even though his car was parked in the driveway and lights were on inside, television was on, and it did appear he was home. The mail was piling up outside, the landlord used his master key to enter when he started really getting concerned.

Unattended death can be a hazardous situation with blood, feces, urine and a body in a state of decomposition. Advanced Bio-Treatment professionals recognize this is an emotionally disturbing and traumatic time for anyone. Our goal is to provide sensitivity and care in biohazard cleanup and the removal of potentially deadly pathogens.

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Ted Pelot Owner & President of Crime Scene Cleanup Company - Advanced Bio-Treatment