Advanced Bio Treatment has placed our locations across the eastern U.S. so we are able to arrive on scene in three hours or less.


We are a professional crime scene cleanup company which only provides the utmost exceptional services. We not only love our trade, but we are good at also. To all Property Managers and Managers alike please call us when our services are needed. Hiring a professional company for a crime scene cleanup like murder is crucial.

On this particular evening we received a call from a Manager of a car wash company in Birmingham, Alabama. This was the first time we had received a call about a murder that took place at a car wash. Murders happen on a daily basis in our country unfortunately and it’s even more unfortunate for the ones left to pick up the pieces. Advanced Bio Treatment understands the stress involved and the Manager of the car wash acted extremely courageous when he witnessed and dealt with this unexpected tragedy.

Apparently the Manager had called 911 when he told us that he witnessed another man shoot one of his co-workers and ran away out the back. This guy who was shot was the one who had the responsibility of vacuuming and towel drying the cars when they were completed with the wash.

The Manager was brave considering the fact he had just witnessed a brutal act while he was working. The Manager had to act fast in hope that the co-worker could be saved and that he could keep the rest of his co-workers and customers calm. Managers have to deal with a lot and have the obligation of making sure the business runs effectively on a daily basis.

The Manager called us once the Police and EMT had completed their duties. He mentioned to us that one of his co-workers has a friend who works in crime scene cleanup and he thought of our company when the coroner removed the body but left the mess behind. The aftermath of a crime is always left in the responsibility of the Property Manager, or in this case the Manager of the car wash.

The audacious Manager took all the correct steps when coping and trying to resolve such an unexpected circumstance. Calling us at Advanced Bio Treatment was his best decision yet. We arrived and took care of the aftermath and made sure that the Manager was rewarded properly for his referral to our company.


Jerry Turner, the owner of Advanced Bio Treatment is spreading knowledge of the importance of crime scene cleanup. With each referral to the company he will pay $500. So to all Managers, please call Advanced Bio Treatment so we can take care of all your crime scene cleanup needs.




Ted Pelot Owner & President of Crime Scene Cleanup Company - Advanced Bio-Treatment