Accidental deaths happen more often than you would imagine.


Almost fifty people in our country die each year from either an inanimate object falling on them or being struck by a car. Perhaps your irrational fear of being struck by a falling piano isn’t so irrational anymore. Advanced Bio Treatment understands that accidents and deaths happen and it’s sometimes out of your control. Unfortunately this is what happened in Riverdale, Georgia this past weekend.

We received a call to our local office in Riverdale, Georgia about an accidental death that occurred in a small suburb neighborhood. They were older homes but still in decent shape. The man who called us was the owner of the home. Apparently the couple he was renting the home to while he was traveling had an accident and the women actually ended up dead.


He explained to us that the woman was standing on a tool box in the bathroom hanging up photos when her husband suddenly heard a loud noise.


He ran in the bathroom to find his wife face down in her puddle of blood. She had fallen from about five feet up and hit her head on the corner of the counter which instantly killed her.

The husband was frantic and distraught but managed to call 911 for assistance. Police arrived on scene within minutes as well as EMT. Once the police concluded the investigation and the coroner removed the body the husband is left with not only an extremely emotional situation but he has the responsibility of ensuring the bloody mess left over is properly cleaned up.

The husband called us the day after the accidental death occurred. He was concerned about when we would come to clean the mess and about how it would be paid for. We ensured him that we would work with the insurance company and assist with funeral arrangements. Advanced Bio Treatment understands the emotional toll this can cause on family members and we respect that when we come into your home.

When we arrived on the scene we met with the husband and the owner of the home. They both were there to explain more in depth of the circumstances. Advanced Bio Treatment always comes prepared with specialized equipment and professional cleaners. We only follow strict Federal guidelines when cleaning, disinfecting and disposing of biohazardous waste.

When we made our way inside the home and to the bathroom where the accidental death occurred we saw a huge amount of blood on the tile floor. You could tell where she hit her head and where she actually fell at. The counter had a pretty extensive amount of blood also. The sink, the cabinet handles, the door knobs and the mirror all had blood splatter on them.

We had to sanitize, clean and deodorize a few times before all of the blood would come out. Eventually we were able to clean everything up as good as new. There wasn’t anything that needed to be disposed of. We made our way there just two days after the accident occurred. The husband and the owner of the home were pleased with the outcome of our services and we are pleased knowing we can bring some peace to such a tragic situation.

If you need a professional cleanup service or know someone that does please don’t hesitate to call us 24/7. We specialize in accidental deaths, unattended deaths, homicides and suicides. We even clean up hoarding disasters. Call us today!



Ted Pelot Owner & President of Crime Scene Cleanup Company - Advanced Bio-Treatment