There are at least 331 murders each year in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.


It’s one of the most violent states to live in. This is exactly the situation we found ourselves handling after we received a call to our office located near there. Murder can happen at any given moment. Humans are capable of a lot and sometimes we forget that or underestimate someone’s anger. In this case a woman called in a horrific murder that occurred in her home. She said that there was not only an enormous amount of blood but also brain matter. We knew we needed to get over there right away.

Apparently her husband used to work in crime scene cleanups so she knew to call us right away. She explained to us that she was letting her son and his friends have a small party while she was out of town on business. When she returned from her trip she discovered her son’s body rotting in their family home. We can’t possibly imagine how she must’ve felt finding her own son brutally beaten to death.

She explained to us that her son was an adult and was always in and out of her life, doing drugs and always in trouble with the law in some way. There was no way to know who murdered her son at that point but she figured it had to have been drug related or money related for it to be so extremely vicious and brutal.

The poor guy was beaten to death with blunt objects. His head was smashed in and she said she could literally see inside his skull. His arms and legs were broken to the point that even if he did survive he would never be normal again. She said the scene was gruesome and that she called 911 immediately.

The coroner removed his body but the aftermath of the terrible crime was still there. Police nor the State Coroner’s clean up the messy disaster left after a crime. Most people assume they do but that’s just a myth. Professional crime scene cleanup companies need to be called to take care of the filthy scenes. Advanced Bio Treatment is the reliable company to call for these types of circumstances.


When we arrived on scene we were a little nervous to see exactly what was in store for us.

We always come prepared for anything and always wear protective gear. When we walked in the home and the homeowner guided us to the scene we were shocked at just the degree of violence that had occurred. It was a horrendous sight to see.

There was blood splatter all over the walls where he was being struck in the head. There was also brain matter left over dripping down the wall onto the floor. She had a very nice home and the wood floors were completely stained with blood. You could see where his body was drug with the smeared blood trail to the hallway. We had a considerable amount of work to do to get the home back to its original shape.

Advanced Bio Treatment used all medical grade cleaners to sanitize and deodorize the entire area. We had to dispose of a few items which could not be saved. They were so badly stained with blood the homeowner requested we simply dispose of them. It was a few pillows and curtains that were hanging on the window where the fight initially started.

We carefully disposed of all hazardous waste under strict guidelines. ABT takes every crime scene cleanup job seriously especially since not only our health but others health are potentially at risk if the job isn’t completed properly.


ABT operates 24/7 because we understand accidents, deaths and violence can suddenly happen and we are here to pick up the broken pieces. Please don’t hesitate to call us if you or someone you know needs a cleanup service.



Ted Pelot Owner & President of Crime Scene Cleanup Company - Advanced Bio-Treatment