In Charleston, South Carolina a local football coach was with his team when the unexpected had occurred.


Believe it or not, a football coach is considered a non-traditional first responder. Football coaches and all sports coaches have the proper training if they need to be the first on the scene of medical trauma. In this particular situation, the coach had to act quickly and responsibly, which he did.

The team had just finished with practice and were all in the locker room of the local college. They had been practicing for hours apparently and some of the players were feeling frustrated and stressed out. Accidents can take place at any time and it’s always the unexpected deaths that cause the most emotional reactions. Even though the coach had no idea what he was getting himself into that day when he woke up. he still took all the necessary precautions and steps when he dealt with the tragedy.

The coach called the Police and EMT first when he walked into the locker room and witnessed the events that had taken place. Apparently, a few of the players had decided to beat up on the new player who had just transferred there from a different school. There had been some hostility and aggression since the new player had started.

The coach told the Police and EMT that when he walked into the locker room to check on the players he saw the new player laying in his own blood and unresponsive. The rest of the team was missing. The coach acted quickly knowing exactly who to call and what steps to take.

Unfortunately, the guy had been beaten to death and wasn’t able to be saved, but the positive side is that the coach did everything in his power to make sure that all the proper actions were taken. The coach had told the Police that he had read about crime scene cleanup companies before and his first thought was to call Advanced Bio Treatment.


We felt honored that the coach called us quickly and trusted our company with the cleanup.

We understand it’s not easy to deal with such tragic situations. Advanced Bio Treatment respects each individual and carries a lot of sympathy for deaths. That’s why we love our job and hold so much pride in our profession. We enjoy helping people understand the importance of crime scene cleanups.

With each referral made to our company, we will reward you with $500. This is just to show how much we appreciate your business and the spreading of awareness of crime scene cleanup. It’s important to always call a professional when dealing with circumstances like the football coach was placed in.


Call us today if you have any questions or need guidance. We operate 24/7 365 days of the year. We don’t sleep because we know death doesn’t sleep either.


Ted Pelot Owner & President of Crime Scene Cleanup Company - Advanced Bio-Treatment