Compulsive hoarding is a mental disorder that can devastate lives and property.

Personal belongings become mixed with garbage and waste until living areas are unsanitary. Rooms become unusable as refuse piles up on tables, countertops, and floors.

In the case of animal hoarding, animals may roam about contributing feces and increasing the chance of biohazardous conditions.

One call we handled not too long ago, involved a terrible hoard. The home was located in a stunning gated community, with enormous homes, lush green lawns, and a new car in every driveway. No one would have ever guessed that one of the homes had a dark, dark secret.

Compulsive hoarding cleanup can seem overwhelming. Advance Bio Treatment is available 24/7 to provide complete sanitization and site remediation. Our professional clean up team can eliminate biohazards and restore kitchens, bathrooms, apartments, or even entire homes back to their original condition.

This particular case was a resale, meaning that the homeowner, the victim and hoarder, had passed away… at a hospital… but the family the remained needed to sell the home to cover final expenses. None of them realized just how daunting a task that would turn out to be.

Once we had been let into the home, we began our assessment. Everything and anything inside the house was ruined, and nothing appeared like it could be saved because the unbelievably noxious odor of the environment. It was totally indiscriminate of who or what it clung to.

In fact, for days after the completion of the job I could still smell the stench of that devastated home. Anyways, we had to literally rip up and hire a contractor to replace the sub flooring and sheetrock in every room, stripping the home basically down to its bare bones, even going so far as having to replace insulation.

All the furniture that was in the home, which was surprisingly little, had to be taken to the nearest trash dump site. Next we had to scrub any remaining surfaces that could not be replaced, like the kitchen counters and bathrooms. Then to finish up, we used our Halo Fogger, which sprays a fine mist of specially designed peroxide to eliminate all pathogens efficiently and with ease.

Once we had thoroughly cleaned, decontaminated and deodorized the house, I was able to hand the keys back to the overjoyed family with pride.

Last we heard, the home was able to be sold very quickly after the conclusion of the job, and the poor victim, who had suffered alone with her affliction during life, was sent on with quite the fanfare. I’m always a sucker for a happy ending.

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Ted Pelot Owner & President of Crime Scene Cleanup Company - Advanced Bio-Treatment