Blood Stained Office Chair in Charlotte, NC

It’s not unusual to be called out to clean up a bloody crime scene in my line of work. As a crime scene cleanup technician I face this kind of stuff nearly everyday.

Some scenes I walk in, immediately start cleaning up and am done in a couple of hours. Other scenes, at times, are way more extensive with much more labor intense cleaning. This particular job was an office in an upper scale office park in Charlotte.

Not only was there an horrific amount of blood, there was a terrible foul odor. They found John D. slumped over in his office chair on Monday morning. Apparently he had worked late Sunday night.

It appeared someone had broken into the office as there was broken glass on the floor. Office drawers were open with papers scattered around. Files were shuffled and some were thrown on the floor in a hurry it appeared. Looked like a cigar had been left burning for several hours in the ashtray.

It is Difficult to Talk to the Families When This Happens

They are full of pain and trying to make sense of the situation. I try to offer comfort as best as I can. I have to admit I found it hard to comfort the family today as I was myself in shock just looking at it.

John’s slumped over body had saturated the leather chair with blood so bad that the leather had to be removed from the chair and the padding is totally ruined. The frame is still good, we will clean, sanitize and use the Hydrogen Peroxide room fogger to rid the room of the lingering smell of blood, cigar smoke and urine. John D. had wet himself all over apparently when the intruder appeared out of nowhere and shot him.

The HP room fogger uses Hydrogen Peroxide and Silver Nitrate and is 99% effective in removing odor and destroying possibly deadly bacteria and pathogens.

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