This is just a glimpse of what they came home to find.

The owners of this home had been out of town for the holidays and hired a house sitter to watch over things while they were gone.

The house sitter was nowhere to be found.  They didn’t personally know him, but he came highly recommended from a friend.

This was not the only room that was covered in blood and debris.  Not only were they horrified to return home to this shocking situation as they went through the house several things were missing.

The wife’s jewelry box drawers were open and several expensive items were gone.  The emergency cash fund they kept in the kitchen was gone.  The XBox and games were also gone.

Of course the house sitter not being here as he had agreed and the blood stains brought many questions to the surface.

Was this his blood, and if so, where was his body?

Had someone broken in while he was here and he tried to defend himself and this is what was left behind?  When did this happen and had anyone in the neighborhood noticed anything?

We were called in for the cleanup job but obviously the detectives were going to be the ones trying to answer those questions.

The family did not want to stay here that night which was a good thing for everyone really.  This gave us more freedom to do the cleanup and the detectives more time to gather information.

We were keeping our eye out for weapons.  There was no gun found and from what little experience I have with gun spatters it didn’t appear that the blood was from a gunshot.

I am only making an educated guess here but this looked more like a stabbing than a gunshot scene.

Whatever the case we do our job regardless and keep working to disinfect and remove the blood stains.

Hardwood floors are very porous, especially if they are untreated.  Some of the floors in the house were untreated and would require several extra steps to restore them to their previous state.

The older the blood stain is the more difficult to fully remove once blood has dried up.

It is hard to tell but again making an educated guess these bloodstains are probably less than a couple of days old. We estimated a minimum of three hours just on the floors.

ABT cleanup technicians are specifically trained in the removal of blood.  This type of job should not be done by anyone who is not educated in the hazards of pathogens and contamination.

There are also other processes we will perform to remove the smell.

Should your family ever be faced with a situation such as this take comfort in knowing we are on call and will do everything we can to assist.

ABT technicians are available 24/7.  We work hard to do the work that you shouldn’t have to do.

Ted Pelot Owner & President of Crime Scene Cleanup Company - Advanced Bio-Treatment