Jealousy can murder

Sisters are supposed to be best friends, right?  Well not in this circumstance.  Two young sisters had always had personal issues with each other but apparently this certain incident crossed the line for one of them.

The older sister killed her sister in a heated argument over her husband.  No one likes a cheater and when she found out her husband cheated on her with her own sister she retaliated on her.  She was brutally murdered in her own home by the hands of her “loving sister.”

When we received this certain call we were pretty astonished at the certain crime.

We had never heard of sisters murdering each other over a man before.  We had knowledge that the sister had murdered her with a knife.  She had stabbed her over 100 times, which made it a very angry murder that was premeditated.  We also had knowledge that the sister had saw her husband and her sister together and decided to keep quiet as she never saw it and then planned her own sisters murder instead.

When we arrived to the home we met the husband of the deceased there.  He was the one who placed the call for help and was very upset, we could tell that he was having a difficult time coping with what had happened.

He took us to the murder scene which was in the back of the home in the master suite.  There was a tremendous amount of blood, not only on the floor but also all over the ceiling and walls.  It was an extremely brutal and bloody battle scene.  We could literally feel the anger that took place in here and the husband wasn’t even able to stay in the room without becoming overwhelmed with emotions. san-francisco-murder-blood-cleanup-2

We understand the tragedy this can cause in your personal life and all we want to do is alleviate some of the stress and get your home back to normal.

The husband was confused as to how the insurance company would cover this and we reassured him that we would work with his insurance company for him so he had one less thing to feel uneasy about.

Advanced Bio Treatment cleaned up and disinfected every trace of blood in the room.  Cleaning up blood and biohazardous materials need to be done by a professional who is trained to handle such waste properly.  Even a small trace of blood left can pose health risks years down the road.  Make sure you call us to clean up any and all crime scenes.

Advanced Bio Treatment works 24/7 so please don’t hesitate to call with any questions you may have.


Ted Pelot Owner & President of Crime Scene Cleanup Company - Advanced Bio-Treatment