Popular shows, such as CSI, shows the drama of crime scene investigation, they don’t really show what crime scene cleanup is all about.

The scene of a crime is often very bloody and requires a professional crime scene cleanup team after investigators get the necessary information they need to solve the crime.

Blood spatters at a crime scene can tell investigators a lot of information. The crime scene can be reconstructed using blood spatters to determine how and when the crime occurred.

The size of the spatter can indicate if a person was present at a crime scene. Such questions as what position was the victim in, how many blows did the victim receive, etc can be answered by examining blood.

There are some physical characteristics that blood has which assist in crime scene investigations.

Blood clotting, for example can be used to determine a timeframe for the crime. Blood typically begins clotting within minutes after leaving the body. As the blood clots form the blood retracts and leaves a yellowish serum. The time of polling can sometimes be estimated by the degree of the separation of the serum.

Location and movement of persons and objects can often be determined by examining the blood pools. The volume of the blood stain can indicate substantial bleeding at a given location.

The type of bloodstain can tell investigators a lot about what happened. For instance, a blood on blood stain may indicate there has been blood dripping in one spot from an open wound.

Projected blood can be seen when blood has been flung against a surface, often this indicates to an investigator arterial bleeding which forms a track of pulsing stains showing the path of the bleeder.

Investigators also examine the type of blood stain, whether the blood is absorbed into other surfaces, pooling, drops, or smeared. All can provide clues to solving the crime.

Advanced Bio-Treatment professionals clean more than the blood that is visible in a crime scene. Often the blood has absorbed into furniture, walls, flooring, and requires in depth cleaning and sanitation to remove contaminants.

Our team of professionals are trained to be empathetic, efficient and work quickly to restore the property to its original state.

In times of crisis there are tough issues to deal with, trauma and shock sets in, questions, fears and concerns arise that have to be addressed.

Advanced Bio-Treatment is available 24 hours a day/7 days a week.

Cleanup service areas include Florida, Georgia, Washington DC, New York , Kentucky and many other states.

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