In the wake of a terrible tragedy like a homicide or suicide, the last thing a family wants to think about is cleaning up the sometimes gory crime scene, so that the home or property is inhabitable again.

This is where the professionals at Advanced Bio Treatment, specializing in bio hazardous waste cleanup and property restoration, become so vital in communities all across the country.

We are highly trained, not only in the remediation of crime or accident scenes, but also in terms of handling these heartbreaking cases with understanding and compassion. We are here to restore your home and your peace of mind in these troubling times.

Unfortunately, as much as I wish it weren’t so, cleaning up the aftermath of a homicide is a daily occurrence at ABT, and I’ve seen many things I wish I hadn’t. We have a job to do, however, and I take it as a great honor to be able to help families during their most vulnerable periods.

Recently, we were contacted by a Dr. and his college age son, who had found themselves in such a position where they needed our blood removal services after they had discovered the body of their wife and mother, dead in their master bathroom tub.

On the way out to the Davie, Florida home, located in a sprawling gated community with rows of manicured lawns and massive brick houses, we read over the police report that had come through with the work order.

Apparently, the victim’s body had been found Monday afternoon by her adult son, who police said was in his 20s, after the Dr. was unable to view the live feed from his home surveillance video system and called his son to go check on his mother.

The victim’s husband and son were both questioned by police well into the next morning, according to the report, but detectives were not considering either of them a person of interest at the time, as police said the husband had been at work when her body was discovered.

The initial 911 call indicated that the death was a possible suicide, but it was concluded to be a homicide because detectives thought the condition of the body, and other things found at the home, namely the fact that it appeared someone had broke into the home and at least one room appeared to have been ransacked, led them to believe it had been foul play.

Later, the autopsy would come back as consistent with unnatural death as well.

Once we arrived at the massive home, we were met by the family attorney on the winding path in front of the property. Without much ado, he led us into the home and up a long flight of stairs to the large, cathedral ceilings master bedroom.

From there, he left us to our work, which was fairly routine. The main crime scene had been the bath room, and the vast majority of blood had already been washed away. We carefully inspected every inch of the space, however, and used a special lighting system to illuminate any biological material that remained.

Then, we cleaned every surface in the room, as well as a few other locations around the home that had been covered in finger print dust. All told, the job took only about 12 hours to completely transform back into the more familiar condition from happier times.

Though there had been a decent amount of blood pooling, most of it was extremely easy to clean because of its location. In the end, however, I couldn’t help but wonder about the outcome of this case.

There was only one way in and one way out of this community, and there was a video security system that has to be disabled… to me, it seemed like an inside job. But, as with so many of these cases, we are not given ask the answers we may like.

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Ted Pelot Owner & President of Crime Scene Cleanup Company - Advanced Bio-Treatment