Crime scene cleanup professionals face some very disturbing scenes which most people never even think about.

There are some times when a death has occurred without anyone else being present, the body not discovered perhaps for weeks. This is referred to as “unattended death.”

In situations such as these the unpleasant process of decomposition has begun are extremely difficult for family members to face alone. Advanced Bio-Treatment professionals can quickly and efficiently work to cleanup the scene and help the family through this traumatic event.

Medical examiners use several methods to determine the time of death.

Clues around the home such as several days of accumulated mail, excess dust on household appliances, toilets and sinks. Family members may have an idea of the last time they saw the person alive. These factors and stages of decomposition are clues to the time of death and determination of suspicious deaths.

While decomposition is a natural process, most of us thankfully never have had to see what actually happens.

Most of us see the dead body of a loved one after the embalming process has been completed, making the viewing of the dead a much less horrific scene than would be if witnessed during decomposition. Embalming delays the decomposition process. Mites are involved in every stage of the decomposition process.

Decomposition begins at the time of death and proceeds in stages. The fresh stage is right after the heart quits beating, shortly after rigor mortis sets in and the body becomes stiff and rigid.

Bloating is the next stage of decomposition. Various gases within the body increase and pressure increases causing bloating, gases begin to escape the body which starts a strong, unpleasant odor associated with death and decay. Maggots can begin to hatch and begin feeding on the body if insects have had access to the body.

The stage of active decay the body fluids will start to purge from the body and maggots start to leave the body. During this stage very strong odors will occur making the cleanup task very unpleasant.

Advanced decay most of the body fluids and liquids have decreased. Insect infestation has reduced.

The dry/remains stage there is mostly bones, dry skin, and cartilage remaining.

Even though death is a certainty of life its certainly a difficult and unpleasant experience especially in difficult circumstances such as an unattended death, murder, suicide. At these traumatic times family members should all on the professionals for guidance and assistance.

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Ted Pelot Owner & President of Crime Scene Cleanup Company - Advanced Bio-Treatment