The Trip Ended In Tragedy This Year

Every year four guys from Smyrna, GA took a fishing trip to a cabin by the lake which one of them owned. One of the men stayed behind while the others went on their usual all night fishing trip. When they returned they found him shot to death in the head. He had killed himself.

The guys were all shocked and bewildered as this trip was something they all looked forward to every year. They had the job of calling his wife and family at home.

The questions they had were nothing compared to what his wife had. How long had he been planning to do this? Why did he do it on the fishing trip? We were called in to cleanup but we couldn’t answer any of the questions. All we could do is offer a sympathetic ear and do our job.

Suicide Is Such A Difficult Loss For Anyone

In these situations we try to go in and return things to normal as quickly as possible. The blast from a self inflicted shotgun to the head leaves a horrible trail, the walls, the floor, the curtains, the bedspreads all had spatters on them. Everywhere in the cabin had some evidence of the suicide. Even after we clean it the memories will be here. I doubt the guys will ever feel the same about coming here.

There were empty whiskey bottles and pill bottles in the garbage. I’m sure all the guys had some drinking but I wondered how much the one that shot himself had and how pany pills he mixed with it.

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Ted Pelot Owner & President of Crime Scene Cleanup Company - Advanced Bio-Treatment